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How To Attract Good Luck By A.H.Z Carr (Unabridged Audiobook With Commentary) || EP 1064

I cannot wait for you to listen this book.  This has been a gamechanger from the moment I read it. This is an all time classic. I felt just as inspired as when I read think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill and the power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy. Do you want […]

Interview With Curtis Childs On The Powerful Discoveries of Emmanuel Swedenborg || EP 1063

I really loved this interview with Curtis Childs. You may know Curtis from his Youtube channel Off The Left Eye which discusses Emmanuel Swedenborg. I am fascinated with Emmanuel Swedenborg  a Swedish pluralistic-Christian theologian, scientist, philosopher and mystic from the 1700s who is best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell   […]

Energy Manipulation Exercises || EP 1062

Consider this a sequel to the episode on creating an energy ball. Here we learn new and additional exercises to manipulate energy.  These exercises will help you to create energy with your hands and then manipulate this energy.  There are a variety of exercises that you can use to experiment and play with this technique. […]

Chaos Magick || EP 1061

Chaos magick rejects the existence of absolute truth, and views all occult systems as arbitrary symbol-systems that are only effective because of the belief of the practitioner Austin Osman Spare’s work in the early to mid 1900s is largely the source of chaos magical theory and practice. Specifically, Spare developed the use of sigils and […]

Neville Goddard Pre-Existence || EP 1060

Tonight’s subject is: Pre-Existence. For every child born of woman, there is a “son” of God in the heavens, who is his ancestral Self. He is buried in you. He is the Reality of man. The Bible speaks of this “son” as Jesus Christ, the true identity of every child born of woman.   “God […]

Q’uo On The Sinkhole Of Indifference || EP 1059

In the Ra material ra explains the sinkhole of indifference The spiritual path being predicated on the choice between the positive and negative polarities, the sinkhole of indifference is the state of remaining unpolarized and not achieving the transformation afforded by making the Choice. It is a state of being less-than-conscious and without power, a […]

Guided Meditation Hermes Immortality Prayer || EP 1058

This meditation is designed around an amazing prayer given in the Hermetica as written by Hermes. This is an amazing and powerful prayer   Below is a portion I pray that the Cosmos be flung open to me and that all nature may receive the sound of my psalms. Open, great earth, and trees, silence […]

The Message Of The Divine Iliad By Walter Russell (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 1057

The Message of the Divine Iliad express the heart and soul of Walter Russell’s inspired philosophic cosmic thinking and knowing. He demonstrates that genius is inherent within everyone and that cosmic knowledge alone will make each person aware of his or her unique genius. Every person can become what he or she desires to be. […]

Interview WIth Joe Mcquillen Searching For My Son On The Other Side || EP 1056

In his book My Search For Christopher On The Other Side Joe takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride discovering messages from his son, Chris who died too young or according to Chris, at just the right time. Beautiful and touching story filled with grief and heartache, with just a touch of humor in […]

The Law Of Gestation || EP 1055

The universal Law of Gestation states that every process needs to go through a period of time during which it is conceptualized and actualized.  All things take time to create.  Our ability to create is moving faster but understanding the law of gestation reminds us to continue on our path aiding the gestation of our […]