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Power Shift || EP 1434

What image do you think of when you think of Power? What does power mean to you? We have all had situations in our families, school and work in which people carry power over us. But there is a greater power. How do we reconcile this power, how do we use it. It is time […]

Deep Sleep Meditation – Entering The Universal Mind || EP 1410

Meditation starts at 1:04. Headphones recommended. The intention of this meditation is to connect and program your conscious mind to connect and utilize the universal mind. There is only one intelligence, one mind in all creation, and everyone is a part of it. Thought-transference, hypnotism, clairvoyance are only a few examples of the fact that […]

Neville Goddard Imagination’s Power || EP 1362

Tonight’s subject is “Imagination’s Power.” I hope you will listen carefully. I hope I will get a nice response; that you will agree when I tell you that when I use the word Imagination, I mean God, I mean the Lord Jesus. To me they are interchangeable terms. So, my Imagination and your Imagination are […]

Neville Goddard – Foreknowledge || EP 1355

Tonight’s subject is “Foreknowledge.” We’re told in scripture that “Thus said the Lord of hosts, ‘As I have planned, so shall it be; as I have purposed, so shall it stand. And the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind’” (Is. 14:24; Jer. 23:20). Now the […]

The Street That Wasn’t There By Clifford D Simak and Carl Jacobi (Sleep Story) 432hz || EP 1352

Stories have the ability to teach us about concepts and ideas that are beyond simple explanation. Jesus used the parable to teach lessons.  This story offers food for thought and contemplates the general nature of co creation. Each of us create reality with our thoughts and mind. But what are the dynamics of reality creation […]

Neville Goddard – The Mystery Of Imagination || EP 1348

Tonight’s subject is “The Mystery of Imagination.” I could have titled it “The Mystery of God, the Mystery of Man, the Mystery of Christ.” It would have been the same thing. But I took for tonight the use of the word Imagination—it would not offend. But these three are interchangeable words. So here, I imagine […]

The One Law We Need To Know || EP 1323

There is one law supreme to this system of life. Sometimes we call it “the law of cause and effect.” Sometimes we speak of it as the method by which spirit passes into manifestation. Psychologists frequently speak of it as the law of suggestion. Every teacher of metaphysics spends his time either in giving his […]

Dr. Joseph Murphy – The Unbelievable Power Of Suggestion (963hz) || EP 1287

Once you admit there is any power outside yourself, and that power is thought, however beneficent you may conceive it to be, you’ve sown the seed which must sooner or later bear the fruit of fear, which is the entire ruin of life, love, and liberty. I repeated that because you should ingest it in […]

What The Attitude Of Expectancy Will Do For You || EP 1249

The inner attitude of expectancy and the outer results always match each other exactly. Expectancy in our minds is the cause of everything that happens in our lives—both good and bad. How many times do we say, “I knew that would happen!” when something disastrous befalls us? And when something good happens, how often do […]

Edgar Cayce – Life Beyond Earth || EP 1190

As much as we identify with planet Earth and our terrestrial life here, Edgar Cayce’s reading of the Akashic Records and the Universal Consciousness tells a different story. From Cayce’s perspective, we were, are, and will be again celestial beings, traversing the vast expanse of space. Our primal mission is to know ourselves and our […]