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Neville Goddard – The Outer World Responds To Imaginal Acts || EP 1397

“All that you behold; tho’ it appears without, it is within, in your Imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow” (Blake, Jerusalem, Plt. 71). You cannot conceive of something that is not already contained within you. If you imagine it and enter into that state as though it were true, the […]

Neville Goddard – The Law And The Plan Of Redemption || EP 1390

THE LAW AND THE PLAN  OF REDEMPTION 4/21/69 Neville Goddard So I ask you to simply try it. Take the law…for those who are here for the first time, it’s simple. This is what you do. Do you know what you want? Well, construct a scene in your Imagination which would imply that you have […]

Neville Goddard – The Wonder Working Power Of Attachment || EP 1383

It is “The Wonder Working Power of Attachment.” To understand it let us go first to the greatest book in the world, the Bible. We are told in the Book of Joshua that “Wherever the sole of your foot shall tread upon I have given to you” (Josh.5:3). Now you must understand who Joshua is […]

Neville Goddard – We Are The Gods Who Came Down || EP 1376

2/14/69 Neville Goddard We are told that God became man that man may become God. And you may think that you are the man and God is the other that became you. Tonight I would have you reverse that: you are the God that became man that man may become you. If I understand scripture […]

Neville Goddard – The Mystery Of Forgiveness || EP 1369

1/13/1969 Neville Goddard Tonight’s title is “The Mystery of Forgiveness.” The glory of Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness. We are so apt to attribute our ills and our troubles to outward causes, to our environment, to the conditions that surround us, to things—desirable things lacking, or undesirable things that are present—while all the time […]

Neville Goddard Imagination’s Power || EP 1362

Tonight’s subject is “Imagination’s Power.” I hope you will listen carefully. I hope I will get a nice response; that you will agree when I tell you that when I use the word Imagination, I mean God, I mean the Lord Jesus. To me they are interchangeable terms. So, my Imagination and your Imagination are […]

Neville Goddard – Foreknowledge || EP 1355

Tonight’s subject is “Foreknowledge.” We’re told in scripture that “Thus said the Lord of hosts, ‘As I have planned, so shall it be; as I have purposed, so shall it stand. And the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind’” (Is. 14:24; Jer. 23:20). Now the […]

Neville Goddard – The Mystery Of Imagination || EP 1348

Tonight’s subject is “The Mystery of Imagination.” I could have titled it “The Mystery of God, the Mystery of Man, the Mystery of Christ.” It would have been the same thing. But I took for tonight the use of the word Imagination—it would not offend. But these three are interchangeable words. So here, I imagine […]

Neville Goddard Imagining Creates Reality || EP 1309

Imagining Creates Reality 6/3/1968 Neville Goddard This will be our last Neville Goddard lecture for a while (maybe not that long). Tonight’s subject is “Imagining Creates Reality” and I mean this literally. We’re told that God is the only Creator, so if I make the claim that imagining creates reality, I am identifying God with […]

Neville Goddard – Even The Wicked || EP 1304

God made everything for its purpose and even the wicked for the time of trouble. So , you want a bigger job, you want more money in this world, you want—and you name it. Well, it may be a thief who is going to aid you into getting without knowing he is doing it. Don’t […]