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Q’uo Being In The Moment

December 29 2007 The question this week has to do with being in the moment. We’re wondering if Q’uo could give us some information about some of the obstacles there are towards keeping us from being in the moment. Our daily lives seem to be full of things that keep us from being in the […]

Q’uo – On Ending Committed Relationships

What do you say to people who are considering a divorce, ending a commitment? Q’uo I am Q’uo. I come in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, and because we speak through this instrument, we say to this group alone, we do come in the name of Christ, for it is […]

Q’uo The End Of Third Density

November 11, 2023 Topics: Speed bumps when you think you’re making progress; the temptation of pride; other-selves’ envy; working a traditional job while on the spiritual path; killing; third-density entities and the transition to fourth-density; deer hunting; the fifth dimension; empowering others to see the Creator within themselves; the origin of the Moon; Earth’s journey […]

Q’uo – The Experience Of UFOs || EP 1647

Decemberr 5 2023 Topics: Relationship of instrument’s knowledge to channeled information; generalizing the pathways of channeling; the pathways in the mind to channeling; the origins of the L/L Research channeling lineage; the impact of decades of internalized Confederation philosophy on present-day channeling; a smidge about the trance state; reduction of the conscious mind in channeling; […]

Accumulating Knowledge || EP 1643

This is actually a very personal account of my journey and what happened to me. I use this to explain how I came to be who I am and why I started my channeling. My souls purpose has been to voraciously accumulate knowledge. While this is not all its cracked up to be and it […]

Q’uo – Remember The Dream || EP 1640

September 23, 2023 Topics: Effort vs results in spiritual seeking; the lifespan of pets; forgetting dreams; astrocartography; the founders of Baha’i; witnessing suffering; spiritual considerations in building a house; trusting intuition; the third spiral of the pyramid; the Elder Race; thought-forms and positive energy transfer. “The dream state is one that is pregnant with opportunity […]

Q’uo On Discernment || EP 1634

Group Question: Ra says of compassion that it is the salvation of third density. They also say that seeing love in the moment is the as the goal and lesson of third density. It is by learning to love that we graduate. Yet, we see very loving people adopt what seem to be very confused […]

Q’uo – Spiritual Burnout || EP 1627

Traveling the spiritual path, it seems that many get burned out after a while, and we would like to know what it is that burns out—our inspiration, our desire, our will, what is it, and what is the best thing to do to get our inspiration again? What is the wisdom of resting along the […]

Q’uo – Reincarnation vs Ascension || EP 1619

Imparting love to one’s patients; significance of vegetarianism; glass walls; relating to darker or lower vibrations; waking up from unconsciousness; healing on the basis of positive energy; exit points; aging and dying; reincarnating vs. ascension; the retrospective on the incarnation; earth’s uniqueness; unseen support; what continues beyond death; soul groups; service toward those who sleep; […]

Using Plants For Spiritual Evolution || EP 1613

Topics: How to align with the full moon; accepting the self in serving others; waking up early; black holes; plant substances for spiritual evolution; dealing with negative energy in the news; signs from guides; the doubling effect. I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. It is our honor to greet each […]