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Neville Goddard – Divine Vision || EP 1532

Divine Vision March 3, 1972 Neville Goddard Now the secret is how to keep that divine vision in time of trouble. I am not disobedient to the divine vision. When I keep the divine vision, even in times of trouble and things are all denying that it could ever happen, He is working; the depth […]

Your Thoughts Create Reality || EP 1526

This is what it is all about. Yet I still get doubters all the time. Still after all this time, the greatest obstacle for many is the belief that their thoughts are not able to create reality. Before anything else you must come to an understanding of this important fact. Your thoughts create reality. So […]

Becoming Abundant || EP 1487

It is my intention that you become truly abundant. That word abundance can seem vague and cliche, I mean what does it really mean. You can say I am abundant and have abundance of debt or problems. We are talking about real abundance of all things good. If you truly want to create success, prosperity, […]

Dr Joseph Murphy – The Book Of Life || EP 1482

The Book of Life is your subconscious mind, and you are always writing in that Book of Life based on your habitual thinking and imagining. Shakespeare said, “What is in a name?” Well, when I mention your name, it indicates your particular sex, your nationality, your background, your training, your education, your financial structure, your […]

True Prosperity || EP 1479

Regardless of where you live, how much money you make, or how successful you are, there’s a message you’ve been fed your whole life that is reinforced daily by the media, in television, magazine and internet advertising. And that message is that you don’t have enough, you are not enough, and there is always something […]

Love Creates Prosperity || EP 1468

The key secret behind prosperity is love. If you look out at the world there is so much about abundance and prosperity thinking. Much of the information that is available that is designed to create prosperity is missing this key ingredients. Love is not about romance or intimacy it is a unique force. You must […]

Dr Joseph Murphy – The Secret Of I AM That I AM || EP 1461

In the third chapter of Exodus, we read these words: “I am the Lord, thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” “God said to Moses, ‘Come now, therefore, and I will send thee to Pharaoh that […]

A Definite Chief Aim || EP 1356

One of the main points of Napoleon Hill’s philosophy was the definite chief aim. Mitch Horowitz wrote a book about his fascinating concepts. This is a secret of reality creation. It works best when you develop and focus upon a definite chief aim. It is most appalling to know that ninety-five per cent of the […]

Joy Is The Secret To The Law Of Attraction || EP 1344

Do you want to learn how to manifest your dreams and desires? In this video, we explore the powerful Law of Attraction and the surprising key to making it work in your favor: joy. Discover why joy is the secret ingredient to attracting abundance, love, success, and happiness into your life. Cultivating joy in your […]

Self Control The Key To Prosperity and Riches || EP 1343

You come, now, to the study of self-control, through which you may direct your enthusiasm to constructive ends. Without self-control enthusiasm resembles the unharnessed lightning of an electrical storm—it may strike anywhere; it may destroy life and property. Napoleon Hill. The Law of Success #napoleonhill  #wealth #prosperity Music by Mettaverse Journey Through The multiverse solstice […]