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Robert B Stone Ways To Magnify Your Magic || EP 1540

You are magic. You have always had it. You were born with it. You will have it when you leave this temporary residence we call Earth. We don’t learn it in school; we don’t hear it taught at the university level; we don’t hear it in houses of worship. It is only hinted at. So […]

Robert B Stone How Will You Get Along With The Aliens || EP 1407

This fascinating chapter comes from the fascinating book HOW TO BENEFIT FROM THE COMING ALIEN ARRIVALS  by Robert B Stone You and I are Johnny-come-latelies. If you compress the history of planet earth into one year, life did not appear until May or June. Homo Sapiens did not appear until about 11 P.M. on December […]

Robert B Stone Manifest Your Ideal Self || EP 1385

What is your vision of yourself? What are your thoughts right now about your beliefs, your capabilities, and your health? How do you see yourself today? The answers to this question today determine how you will be tomorrow. The reason is that these answers comprise the climate in which your brain and body cells are […]

Robert B Stone Mind Over Money || EP 1373

In this episode, you learn to use the alpha (relaxed) level of mind to trigger a flow of limitless money into your life. Because psychotronic energy is at work, the money can come from many different directions. You learn to focus this energy on your business and cause steady improvement without limit, to climb the […]

Robert B Stone How To Use Metaphysical Power To Make The Right Decisions || EP 1082

Many people who have studied metaphysics and started to use it successfully have changed their lifestyle. Things seem to drop away from them that seemed quite important not too long before. Some give up smoking. Some cut down on drinking to only an occasional glass of wine. Some no longer enjoy steak, roast beef, and […]

Reese P. Dubin – Your Psychic Tele-Viewer How To See Beyond Walls And At Great Distances || EP 840

Listen for yourself to the claims in the book Telecult power from the book jacket itself! Telecult Power is a method you can use to bring about any goal you have – whether it be for wealth, love, or power – quickly, easily, by unobserved means. Telecult Power means, literally, hidden distance power! What Telecult […]

Jose Silva & Robert B Stone What We Know About The Mind And Creating A Genius || EP 554

When Nicholas Tesla began to experiment with newly discovered electricity, his lighting up a room was viewed as astounding and unbelievable. Nobody suspected it would lead to the lighting of cities, or the advent or radio, television, and computers.   Recent discoveries about the human mind are in the same relative stage now. We have […]

Jose Silva and Robert B Stone – The Silva Mind Control Method For Getting Your Mind To Work For You ||EP 512

I wish I could explain easily how you can relax and slow your brain waves to go to the subjective dimension. I wish I could put in a nutshell all of the ways you can use the subjective dimension to benefit yourself and your work. I wish I could explain concisely how the subjective dimension […]

Interview With Dennis & Jessica Stone || EP 504

This was an interview with Dennis Stone and Jessica Stone, Dr. Robert Stone’s son and granddaughter. It was wonderful to go behind the scenes to learn about the family life and legend of Robert Stone, how he became one of the great ambassador’s for the silva mind control method and masters of metaphysical power. Stone […]

Robert B. Stone – Using Silva Mind Control To Communicate With The Other Side (5 Day Plan) || EP 490

“We are said to be entering a New Age.  Many people define the New Age as one in which we will all be more open to creativity.  Others say it is a period of awakening, of expanded consciousness.  Mankind’s expanded consciousness has brought the other side closer to this side. Believe me, it is now […]