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Guided Meditation – I Am God || EP 1633

This meditation is designed for you to fully become your godself, to merge with your divine aspect, to awaken to your true identity as god of the universe. With a guided visualization and a collection of the most amazing Joseph Murphy affirmations that are desirgned to affirm and program an alignment with your god self […]

Guided Meditation – The Magical Kingdom Within- Unlocking The Inner Power Of Creation || EP 1612

“The Magical Kingdom Within: Unlocking The Inner Power Of Creation” is not just a meditation, it’s an odyssey into the heart of your own boundless imagination. Imagine a world where every turn reveals new wonders, where the boundaries of reality blur with the realms of fantasy. Here, in the vast landscape of your inner self, […]

Guided Meditation – Rivers Of Time || EP 1605

Float down the river of time, an intelligent river that allows you to see yourself in a wealthy, vibrant, spiritual and healthy timeline. Travel to the wonderful possible futures available to you. ✨ Ideal For: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, this journey is designed to deepen your understanding of potentials available […]

Tarot Meditation – The Magician || EP 1490

This is a visual meditation. You do this meditation looking at the image on the video, The Golden Dawn taught that meditation on the tarot images evokes and manifest the archetypes inherent in the card’s image. This visualization guides you in deepening your connection to your creativity, and your ability to manifest in this world. […]

Guided Meditation – Entering Godmind || EP 1469

In this meditation the intention is to escape from your everyday earthly thoughts and think the thoughts of God. This meditation will allow you to enter into GODMIND a state of pure divinity. We affirm My thoughts are God’s Thoughts My Mind Is God’s Mind 💰Large Sums Of Money Activation Trainings – 12 hours of […]

Guided Meditation – Claim A Better Future || EP 1462

This meditation is designed around this one amazing affirmation/treatment from Joseph Murphy., I place you into a deeply relaxed state of consciousness for about 10 minute to make you receptive to this new programming. Learn this with me and embed it into your subconscious mind.—— I am filled with the free flowing, cleansing, healing, harmonizing, […]

Guided Meditation – I Am Loving Awareness || EP 1395

There are a variety of powerful meditations. But Ram Dass popularized the core  of meditation in silence and deep contemplation. At the end of his life he would simply repeat the phrase and the ideas that I AM loving awareness. This invokes the I AM presence in the most powerful and simple way and tunes […]

The Starburst Meditation || EP 1367

You shine like a star. You are the sun. With this meditation I guide you into a state of absolute bliss in which the light is bursting from you. This is very powerful and will enhance your power and your manifestations. This particular technique of guidance and breathing allows for a magnification of the light […]

Guided Meditation The River of Light (296hz – 963hz) || EP 1320

My intention with this meditation is to clear my negative energy, fill every cell with light, to return to normal sleeping patterns, to release traumas, to release contracts, to change any conditions needed to bring wellness, to raiss our life force energy, to trade all pain for peace, to integate my condition with grace and […]

Guided Meditation – Behold I Make All Things New || EP 1233

This meditation was inspired by the powerful affirmation given by Paul Selig and his guides in his most recent book resurrection. Declaring these words has been like a lightning blast. When I declared these words I experienced a powerfully transcendant shift in my reality.   Say this and declare this with me: I am choosing […]