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I Allow || EP 1573

“I allow: Two very powerful words in reclaiming your own power again from within. These two words can change your entire mentality of where responsibility exists, and it is not “out there”, it is within. I used these words to shift ALL back to me, so I would stop focusing on another who I had […]

How To Decree Your Reality || EP 1566

Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. Job 22:28. Power goes into our word according to the feeling and faith behind it. When we realize the Power that moves the world is moving on our behalf and is backing up our […]

Guided Meditation Awakening The Imaginal Body || EP 1523

If you are a true student of Neville Goddard and you want to truly imagine properly, this meditation is a game charger. Inspired by Jean Houston and Masters this technique has fully activated my imaginal body and I have experienced concrete and demonstrable changes in the effectiveness of my imagination. You are not imagining properly […]

Neville Goddard – The I In Me Is God Himself || EP 1458

Neville Goddard 6/16/1969 In the nature of things, it is impossible for any child born of woman to go unredeemed. When I say “I am,” I am proclaiming all that is divine in my flesh. How then can God cast away that which is the “I” in me, the “I” that constitutes me? He will […]

Neville Goddard – The Outer World Responds To Imaginal Acts || EP 1397

“All that you behold; tho’ it appears without, it is within, in your Imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow” (Blake, Jerusalem, Plt. 71). You cannot conceive of something that is not already contained within you. If you imagine it and enter into that state as though it were true, the […]

The Street That Wasn’t There By Clifford D Simak and Carl Jacobi (Sleep Story) 432hz || EP 1352

Stories have the ability to teach us about concepts and ideas that are beyond simple explanation. Jesus used the parable to teach lessons.  This story offers food for thought and contemplates the general nature of co creation. Each of us create reality with our thoughts and mind. But what are the dynamics of reality creation […]

Earl Shoaff – 16 Lessons On How To Get What You Want (963hz) || EP 1276

There is an infinite abundance in this universe. Not only is there an infinite abundance of happiness, faith, love, courage, joy, humility, wisdom, generosity, peace, gentleness, meekness, patience, kindness, and all such qualities one could ever desire to express habitually, but there is an infinite abundance of every material thing that one could ever desire […]

How To Properly Plant Your Seeds || EP 1263

Now, the first thing we want to become aware of is we want to be like farmers. We are going to plant seeds, and these seeds that we plant are the seeds that we’re going to reap. Now we’re all aware that if we plant a seed of tomatoes, we are not going to get […]

Reality Is Communicating With You || EP 1232

Let me tell you a personal story of something that happened to me recently and the way it taught me about the nature of reality and the ways it reflects what is happening within you. Reality is communicating with you. What message does it have? Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic and Energy Activation […]

Creativity, Imagination And Visualization || EP 1151

It is our task at this time to became masters in creating our reality. The fundamental skills that we must learn in order to do this is creativity, imagination and visualization are the key factors. How can we develop these three skills. Here through research and personal experience I try to help you to increase […]