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Q’uo On Understanding The Subconscious Mind || EP 894

The question this afternoon has to do with coordination between the feminine portion of our minds, the subconscious, and the male portion of our minds, the conscious mind. How this interaction can produce a symbiotic relationship and create a wholeness of experience, a wholeness of being, so that we are inspired to move in the […]

Guided Meditation – Echoes Of The Wonderful || EP 893

This meditation is based on the amazing affirmations and treatments of Donald Curtis.  You can see more about Donald Curtis here This meditation is a binaural meditation in which the affirmations play differently in each ear. This is a powerful way of hypnotically speaking to your subconscious.   Headphones are recommended You can access […]

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind By Dr Joseph Murphy (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 892

It has always been my dream to read this book for the channel, so excited to finally do it.  It is hands down one of the greatest books ever written. Really this book is where it all came together for Joseph Murphy with the perfect summary of his teaching.  This book will change your life […]

Interview With Josiah Brandt on Neville Goddard, Revision And The After Life || EP 891

Known to many for his YouTube channel with narrations of Neville Goddard books and lectures, Josiah Brandt is also a futurist, humanist, veteran teacher, and an outspoken advocate for the exceptional potential of heart-based humans worldwide. Josiah has one of my very favorite voices and I have learned so much from following his channel. As […]

Robert Collier – The Creative Force || EP 890

What is a word? A mental concept or image, is it not? In originating language, words were coined to represent certain images or objects. The word horse, for instance, calls to mind the image left upon the retina and the brain by what one has seen of that quadruped. But what if there were no […]

George Van Tassel – The Council Of Seven Lights: The Missing Link || EP 889

In his book of 1958: The Council of Seven Lights, George van Tassel produced a compilation of communications describing a reality that many of us are not familiar with. Much of the information is complex and was not easily understood. Recently we have heard George Van Tassel mentioned in the q’uo material and the secret […]

Neville Goddard The Knowledge Of God || EP 888

Here Neville awakes from a vision and explains what it means to know god. This morning when I woke my mind was simply crowded with a single thought: The knowledge of God. For I had gone to bed dwelling on these two thoughts, one from Paul’s letters, his letter to the Corinthians, and one from […]

Q’uo On Becoming The Truth || EP 887

Q’uo is a channeled entity who is a principle compromised ofr several social memory complexes that make up several densities.  They teach the law of one and we cover a variety of topics The question today concerns the power of thought and the power of belief of the words that we speak to ourselves and […]

Guided Meditation – Actualizing The New Earth Complex MUSIC ONLY || EP 886

This is the music only version of the actualizing the new earth complex meditation.  You can find the guided meditation here Alternate Universe Reality Activation  get full access to new meditations, new lectures, recordings from the reality con and the 90 day AURA meditation schedule Listen my book on audible BUY MY BOOK! […]

Guided Meditation – Actualizing The New Earth Complex || EP 885

This meditation originated from a live 3 day seminar in October which was created with the intention of activating the new earth.  Many times on this podcast we have discussed the concept of the social memory complex.   Folowing our first meditation activating the social memory complex this episode takes this process further with the […]