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Guided Meditation – Entering The Nexus || EP 1563

This meditation is designed to take you into the very nexus of the universal mind itself. Here you can ask any question, speak your guides and manifest your hearts desire. 💰Large Sums Of Money Activation Trainings – 12 hours of training on activating  the large sums of money reality  https://realityrevolutioncon.com/largesumsofmoney 🎨 Buy My Art – […]

Channeling The Higher Self || EP 1548

You exist within the potential of a fourth density new earth. When entering 4th density you begin to communicate with your Higher Self. We are told in the law of one that your Higher Self is you millions of years in the future. As an outgrowth in exploring the multiverse I have found that forming […]

You Are A Cosmic Portal || EP 1534

You are a cosmic portal. You a portal for energies from the cosmic. You are shifting frequencies constantly. You are ascending. You are evolving, your entire DNA system is being recreated. I really vibed with my higher self in this episode. 🌎→The New Earth Activation trainings – Immerse yourself in 12 hours of content focused […]

Be Your Future Self Now || EP 1533

Your Higher Self is you in the future. In shifting into fourth density we are merging with our higher self. Imagine going back in time to advise yourself about what to do.  Your human you has a limited view. You came here for the human experience. You just have not remembered yet. You are being […]

Q’uo – The First Hatonn Channeling || EP 1437

Q’uo is a group of advanced social memory complexes that are channeled by ll research. Hatonn was the original entity channeled before Ra or Q’uo and Hatonn makes up a portion of Q’uo. So I have gone back and researched the beginnings of Hatonn to see what the earliest channelings said. Hatonn was channeled back […]

Q’uo – Realizing Your Gifts || EP 1444

How can people who are interested in pursuing in a life’s work and being of service to others and developing their gifts discover what exactly the gifts are that they have, and then, if, say, they have more than one gift, how can people determine what the best way of service is, how to use […]

Q’uo – The Significance Of OM || EP 1409

Topics: Metaphysical significance of OM; using OM in meditation and service; the nature of the Higher Self; receiving calls for help; shedding costumes; the origin of the the planet’s name; earth from the standpoint of social memory complexes; the variety of the Confederation’s services to planet earth; exploring autism; vacillation between service-to-self and service-to-others. Q’uo […]

Maureen J. St. Germain – Waking Up In 5D || EP 1319

Maureen J. St. Germain has over 25 years of experience in the area of mystical and sacred traditions. Known as the Practical Mystic, Maureen is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life, having taught in 24 countries, including at Kripalu and Omega Institute. Her books have been translated into 12 languages, […]

Q’uo Prepare For Joy || EP 1261

Here Q’uo talks about a variety of amazing topics, as the new year comes there is one thing to do. Prepare for Joy. Q’uo is a gathering of high density beings who are channeled by ll research. For more on Q’uo check out llresearch.org Music Epidemic Sound and Mettaverse Music 🌎 Connect with Mettavers Web […]

Q’uo – On The Lessons Of Christmas || EP 1254

It’s a holiday special. Arriving on Christmas we get the Q’uo christmas special where Q’uo goes deep and discusses the lessons of Christmas. Q’uo is a gathering of high density beings who are channeled by ll research. For more on Q’uo check out llresearch.org Music Epidemic Sound and Mettaverse Music The language of light light […]