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Alan Watts YOU ARE IT || EP 1456

What is IT? Who is IT? For Alan Watts IT is God, not he or she. And here Watts argues that YOU ARE IT. If, as we have been arguing, the only real atom—as de Chardin put it—is the universe, and the only real thing is everything, then what is it? In the words of […]

Three Magic Words By U.S. Andersen (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 1345

This is one of the greatest books ever written. Three Magic Words is a ground-breaking book about the greatest idea in the world-a secret revealed in just three words-an idea so simple, so startling, so wonderful that it can start you on an adventure that will forever change the way you see yourself, others, and […]

Awakening The God In Man (111hz 396hz 528hz 777hz 888hz 963hz) || EP 1284

Thou most Divine! above all women Above all men in consciousness. Thou in thy nearness to me Hast shown me paths of love. Yea; walks that lead from hell To the great light; where life and love Do ever reign. Thou hast taught to me a patience To behold whatever state; However beautiful and joyful; […]

Let Them See You Shine || EP 1252

There is just one thing left for you to do. Let them see you shine Everyone can be a star and you have a unique essence to share. I want the world to see you shine. Now is your time. Within you is a spark of light from the beginning of time it is you, […]

Are You God? || EP 1130

Are you God?  Often times we hear authors like Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy claim that you are God. Yet Jesus was crucified for the blasphemy of claiming he is God. Is it blasphemy to claim you are God?  What does this mean? Here we explore these teachings and try to answer the question: Are […]

Parallel Lives (With Meditation) || EP 966

It is likely that you are more than one person now living on the earth.  Each one of them is a separate individual, yet each one is superconsiously connected to the other parallel selves who influencing your current life. Now, we know from basic science that energy can’t stand still.  It must, by its very […]

The I AM GOD Exercise || EP 945

This episode I share the results of an amazing exercise we undertook in the facebook group Welcom To The Reality Revolution and the results of many in the group who shared their results in this excercise (If I mispronounce anyones name I am sorry) Here is the exercise that we undertook Class assignment 1 The […]

Guided Meditation Giving Birth To The Christ Within || EP 900

On this wonderful Christmas day we celbrate the birth of the christ within you.  This meditation will awaken and bring you to the god presence within you.  Merry Christmas every day as we celebrate the wonderful birth of the christ within.  Hold the baby in you hands and look into the eyes of your god […]

Guided Meditation YOU ARE GOD || EP 878

It may sound shocking and perhaps you have been taught that God rests on a throne somewhere else in the universe, separate from you. But god is much closer that you think. He/she is you. The realization of this truth is so profound it will change you forever It is time for you to claim […]

Walter & Lao Russell God Is Light || EP 715

God’s communion within His own Being is a sequential transition from the still, unconditioned Light of His knowing and the moving, conditioned lights of His thinking. The Light of His knowing is undivided. It is a balanced equilibrium. The two lights of His thinking are divided. They are the electric pulsations of two-way motion which […]