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The Law Of Sacrifice || EP 1481

Let us note one simple fact. SOMETHING ALWAYS HAS TO BE SACRIFICED FOR SOMETHING ELSE. Everything in life has its own price and is ever up for sale. We have to purchase it at the price it demands. Day after day we go up to life’s counter and say, “I will give you this if […]

The Law Of Supply || EP 1465

Nature originally intended that the real needs of man should be adequately supplied; not his surface wants, which are often impulses, but the normal specific needs of the individual, which would be abundantly satisfied were man to live in closer harmony with the fundamental law of supply. MAN IS NEVER SATISFIED. This fact is deplored […]

The Law Of Forgiveness || EP 1459

We cannot be forgiven until we forgive others. As long as we harbour negative thoughts of anger, judgement, hatred and intolerance against others we cannot be happy simply because while we harbour those feelings we feel the results of them. To be happy and free we have to give up all unforgiving thoughts. The word […]

The Law Of Increase || EP 1453

There is an invisible ether upon which all thoughts act. As water expands into power when it is heated and retards into a solid mass of ice when it is chilled, the Law of Spirit is reflected in the law of physics. Though we may not sense it or fully understand it, our thoughts are […]

The Law Of Success || EP 1435

GOD INTENDED every individual to succeed. It is God’s purpose that man should become great. It is God’s will that man should not only use, but enjoy, every good in the universe. The Law of God denies man nothing. Man is born to be rich. The powers inherent in him are inexhaustible. Each normal person […]

The Law Of Compensation || EP 1422

This episodes combines readings from Rosicrucians, Raymond Holliwell and Ralph Waldo Emerson on one of the most critical laws of the universe to understand. The key to true prosperity and wealth, the all important law of compensation. Sooner or later we must come face to face with this Law of Compensation, and inevitably our own […]

Raymond Holliwell – Working The Law || EP 1419

THE QUESTION UPPERMOST in the world of thought today is whether a man has the capacity, equipment, and power to control his life; whether he can be what he wants to be; or whether he is a drop in the great ocean of life. Millions are affected by unemployment, poverty, and want. Can they help […]

A Definite Chief Aim || EP 1356

One of the main points of Napoleon Hill’s philosophy was the definite chief aim. Mitch Horowitz wrote a book about his fascinating concepts. This is a secret of reality creation. It works best when you develop and focus upon a definite chief aim. It is most appalling to know that ninety-five per cent of the […]

Charles Haanel The Truth And The Law || EP 1332

Creation consists in the art of combining forces which have an affinity for each other, in the proper proportion, thus oxygen and hydrogen combined in the proper proportions produce water. Oxygen and hydrogen are both invisible gases but water is visible. A thought goes forth from the thinker, it meets other thoughts for which it […]

Dr. Joseph Murphy – Believe In Yourself (Lecture) || EP 1322

A person’s greatest need is to believe in themselves; in what they are doing. In their ultimate destiny a person’s self-reliance or self-confidence finds its greatest outlet when it is accompanied by a belief that the real self of man is God and that with God all things are possible.   Buy My Art – […]