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Q’uo On Sacred Contracts || EP 1491

Is loving your enemies a conscious choice in the moment, or is it a state of being that is arrived at after managing to fully open the heart? How we can come to love anyone that we feel difficult to love? In a very interesting answer, Q’uo asks, “So, what is an enemy then? It […]

Tarot Meditation – The Magician || EP 1490

This is a visual meditation. You do this meditation looking at the image on the video, The Golden Dawn taught that meditation on the tarot images evokes and manifest the archetypes inherent in the card’s image. This visualization guides you in deepening your connection to your creativity, and your ability to manifest in this world. […]

The Ancient Secret Of Mental Alchemy || EP 1489

Mental alchemy—the art of mentally creating and visualizing the thing desired, is an subtle art that was mastered by ancients like the Rosicrucians. Among all creatures, we have within our beings creative powers that are a part of the God Consciousness; thus human beings are uniquely endowed. We have the rare privilege and ability to […]

Anthony Norvell 10 Positve Steps To Your Desired Fortune || EP 1488

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Becoming Abundant || EP 1487

It is my intention that you become truly abundant. That word abundance can seem vague and cliche, I mean what does it really mean. You can say I am abundant and have abundance of debt or problems. We are talking about real abundance of all things good. If you truly want to create success, prosperity, […]

Unlocking Your Intuition || EP 1486

The intention of this episode is to unlock your intuition. Your intuition is incredibly powerful and critical if you desire to create your own reality. Often times you may have created the universe you very much wish to live within but you never got to experience its full expression because you did not listen to […]

Neville Goddard – What Are You Sowing? || EP 1485

Tonight’s subject is “What are you Sowing?” We’re told in scripture, “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that also will he reap” (Gal. 6:7). Here we have the law of identical harvest: As you sow, so you reap, and the harvest is always the multiplication of the identical […]

Q’uo – Finding Your Way In The Chaos || EP 1484

Q’uo is a gathering of high density beings who are channeled by ll research. For more on Q’uo check out Posted with approval of ll research. 🌎→The New Earth Activation trainings – Immerse yourself in 12 hours of content focused on the new earth with channeling, meditations, advanced training and access to the new […]

Guided Meditation – Opening To Wealth || EP 1483

This meditation is designed to open your consciousness to true wealth. I bring you into a boardroom and give you the chance the ask your inner advisors questions about your wealth mindset, unlocking old paterns and grafting a new level of prosperity consciousness with greater awareness of what is blocking you and empowering your wealth […]

Dr Joseph Murphy – The Book Of Life || EP 1482

The Book of Life is your subconscious mind, and you are always writing in that Book of Life based on your habitual thinking and imagining. Shakespeare said, “What is in a name?” Well, when I mention your name, it indicates your particular sex, your nationality, your background, your training, your education, your financial structure, your […]