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Shifting Your Identity To Create The Future You Desire || EP 1270

You can create the most fantastic future by shifting your identity Your capability is constant, but how much of it you use depends upon the identity you have for yourself. You can do anything As we develop new beliefs about who we are, our behavior will change to support the new identity. There is no […]

Wallace Wattles – How To Get What You Want (Unabridged Audiobook) || EP 1237

Getting what you want is success; and success is an effect, coming from the application of a cause. Success is essentially the same in all cases; the difference is in the things the successful people want, but not in the success. Success is essentially the same, whether it results in the attainment of health, wealth, […]

Using Quantum Codes, Sacred Codes, and Grabovoi Numbers to Shift In The Multiverse || EP 1146

Quantum Healing Codes, Sacred Codes and Grabovoi Numbers are an amazing system of numerical identification of a variety of energies and ideas that help to utilize the vast multiverse that is available to you. Number systems create a system of identification with the universal mind and it can make it easier to attract and create […]

Neville Goddard – For Hatching || EP 1134

Neville Godard For Hatching 12/8/64 Well, tonight’s subject is “For Hatching.” There is a voice in man that if you listen to it and expect it, you will at rare intervals hear it. It’s the voice of authority and it never lies. Over the years I have heard this voice. It has never led me […]

The Law Of Gestation || EP 1055

The universal Law of Gestation states that every process needs to go through a period of time during which it is conceptualized and actualized.  All things take time to create.  Our ability to create is moving faster but understanding the law of gestation reminds us to continue on our path aiding the gestation of our […]

The Lord’s Prayer An Interpretation By Emmet Fox || EP 1040

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thy is the kingdom, the power and […]

Guided Mediation Shifting Into Fantasy Worlds || EP 1023

By request this meditation was designed for those reality shifters who want to use the Raven method to shift into fantasy real worlds. The raven method involves after relaxing your body as you lay sprawled out in bed I count down from 100 to 1 and you affirm the reality you wish to explore.  Following […]

Permanent Shifts Into Your Dream Reality || EP 1013

Here we discuss techniques for reality shifting into your dream reality and how to make it permanent so you can stay there and never leave. The New Earth Activation trainings – Immerse yourself in 12 hours of content focused on the new earth with channelings, meditations, advanced training and access to the new earth https://realityrevolutioncon.com/neweart […]

Mastering The Art Of Manifestation || EP 1005

This episode talks about the art of manifestation.   The process of understanding and mastering the art of manifestation is the road to self development and power. You can manifest anything you want.  This process will take the guesswork out of manifesting. What do you really want? The New Earth Activation trainings – Immerse yourself […]

The Secrets Of Reality Shifting || EP 998

This discusses the online community of reality shifting.  How you can live in entirely separate lucid realities for years at a time and then comeback. Some people have claimed to have live years at Hogwarts through reality shifting for instance.  Reality shifters do not say it is the same as lucid dreaming.  I discuss some […]