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In Vadim Zeland’s wonderful book Tufti the Priestess we were introduced to the idea of the plait. A unique energy center that has great power to create reality. According to Zeland the Plait can be used to change your reality and influence the outer world. As I have done more and more research we are […]


The most powerful creative force in the universe came right at the beginning when the universes exploded into existence. The energy and force of this powerful moment transformed the universe from the size of a pea to what we have today. This energy was so powerful it birthed planets, stars, and galaxies. What if you […]

The Neuro Activation Meditation Sensed Presence Open Spaces | EP 51

This is a very experimental mediation and your feedback would be greatly appreciated. For now, only do this if you are right-handed. If you are left-handed be aware that you may have to switch the sides used in this meditation. Let me explain At present, we only have a couple“meditations” which are based only on […]

The Simulation Technique | EP 50

One powerful capability with modern computers is the ability to run simulations which enhances our understandings of everything from weather, to the environment, to military conflict and sports competition. Our minds are the most advanced quantum computers on earth yet we do not take full advantage of their full capabilities. One thing you can do […]

The 10 Minute Chakra Mantra Meditation | Ep 49

As portals between the physical and spiritual planes, chakras represent the sacred architecture of your body and psyche. There are many ways to activate your chakras, one technique that is particularly effective is through mantras. On this short 10 minute meditation, I share all the chakras you can use to activate all your chakras. We […]

The 11 Minute 3rd Eye Activation Meditation | EP 48

From the dawning of ages, darkness and light have intertwined to bring us one of the greatest gifts of consciousness – the ability to see. To witness the wonders of the universe, whether light-years away in the twinkling dome of stars, or the blossoming of flowers in your backyard. What if I told you that, […]

10 Minute Financial Abundance Affirmation Double Induction | EP 47

One of the most powerful trance induction techniques is the double induction. Two therapists speaking to a client on both sides will quickly induce a trance because you are usually only able to place your attention on one or the other side. This allows for the affirmation to slip through unhindered into your subconscious mind. […]

The 10 minute Question Meditation |Ep 46

What kind of questions are you asking yourself? One of the most transformative things you can do is ask yourself questions while in a meditative state. Often times it is difficult because in a deep meditative state you may not want to ask certain questions. Tony Robbins says that successful people ask better questions and […]

The 12 minute morning priming meditation | Ep 45

On the Ultimate Morning Routine ( I gave a 46 minute morning routine. I have had great feedback on that episode. Several people told me they do not even have 46 minutes in the morning to meditate or do any sort of exercise. So I made this 12-minute priming routine if you only have 12 […]


I have created a lot of long meditations and I have had several requests to make some shorter meditations. I know how hard it can be to just find the time. My goal was to make a 10-minute meditation that could transport you to a reality of your choice In the process, I created four […]