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Guided Meditation: The Blissbody Meditation | Ep 36

The intention for this meditation is to help you create the healthiest most blissful body possible. We help to heal and reset every part of your body. We guide to finding your perfect future body from all possible timelines.A body of perfect health and pure bliss. Finally I created several powerful affirmations to transform your […]

Guided Mediation: The Void Meditation | Ep 15

In the source field, all possibilities exist. In the quantum void, the zero point you gain access to all possible realities. There you can tune into the frequency of new realities. One way to connect to the source is to go to the void as taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This meditation helps you focus […]

Transurfing the Pendulms – overcoming destructive pendulums |Ep 16

The world creates destructive thought pendulums that pull us into realities outside of our control. Pendulums can take you away from your ability to create the reality you want. Brian dives deep into a discussion about Vadim Zeland’s concept of pendulums. What are they, how they work, and how Zeland says we can overcome them. […]

Breathing | Ep 34

Becoming aware of different breathing techniques and understanding my breathing has changed my life. In this podcast, I try to share some of what I have learned studying advanced breathwork and pranayama techniques Breathing is everything. In reality creation, it may be the most essential element. I discuss breathwork, breath awareness, and conscious breathing. I […]

Guided Meditation: The gratifestation octave

I am so excited for you to experience this meditation. This is the gratifestation meditation. That might sound weird but let me explain. The ultimate place in the vortex of manifestation is the feeling of gratitude and manifestation at the same time. Gratitude is an emotional signature that give you permission for the things you […]

The Reality Revolution in Health | EP 31

Show Notes We are experiencing a quantum revolution in health. As the reality revolution begins to take the world, we are learning about the genuine power of our thoughts to help us overcome every major health problem. In fact every day we see miraculous spontaneous healings of cancer and crippling diseases. The placebo effect is […]

Guided Meditation: The Manifestation Meditation | EP30

58:18 Details EPISODE TYPE: Full CONTRIBUTORS: Brian Scott KEYWORDS: manifestation, brian scott, reality revolution, meditation, reality transurfing, mantra, om, eheieh, shalom, shreem Episode Summary Listen to this one with your headphones on. Based on Wayne Dyer’s manifestation meditation this meditation is focused on allowing you to better manifest whatever you want in your life. The […]

Guided Meditation: The Transcendence Meditation |EP 29

Episode Summary I created this meditation to help you transcend everything. Become one with the void and the energy of the universe. To tune into the resonating frequency and vibration of your true intention, to transcend all limitations. and find your greatest potential. The meditation starts at 3:00 minutes. It is 33 minutes long. Show […]