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Anthony Norvell 10 Positve Steps To Your Desired Fortune || EP 1488

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Activating Future Prosperity In The Present Moment || EP 1391

Right now in this present moment you are enough. You have all the tools. There is abundance and prosperity in the present moment. Planning for future abundance is only part of the equation. Eventually you have to start living it. All true success takes time.There is a dichotomy between present moment and future wish fulfilled. […]

10 minutes You Are Prosperous Wealth Affirmations || EP 1210

By repeated request I have been asked to create a new 10 minute affirmation financial affirmation episode. If all you have is 10 minutes try these affirmations. I am using the YOU ARE affirmations from the You Are Prosperous Sleep Meditation. Use this to inspire, motivate and change your subconscious in just 10 minutes.  I […]

Guided Meditation – Unlimited Abundance Now (Catherine Ponder Affirmations) (Binaural audio) || EP 747

This meditation is dedicated to the amazing financial abundance affirmations created by Catherine Ponder. HEADPHONES SUGGESTED I use a binaural effect playing each affirmation separately in each ear allowing a deeper induction into your subconscious.  This is very similar to the large sums of money meditation with all new powerful affirmation to completely change consciousness […]

Guided Meditation I AM Prosperous 111hz 777hz || EP 157

<iframe height=”200px” width=”100%” frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no” seamless src=”https://player.simplecast.com/ba034ea8-1c78-47cd-a36e-b514106731d4?dar This is a simple meditation, with the the repetition of the phrase I am prosperous, repeatedly in both ears binaurally which induces deeper trance induction and thus enhancing the effectiveness. The music by Mettaverse as always will elevate you to a higher plane of prosperity consciousness. I read […]

500+ Financial Wealth and Abundance Affirmations with Binaural Trance Induction (DELTA WAVE) | EP63

In this episode, I massively amplify your practice of using financial affirmations. induce a deep form of programmable trance that allows you to change your belief structures about money. This is incredibly effective. If you got a chance to listen to the deep sleep meditation episode floating in eternity (https://youtu.be/29FSzA0qdPk ) we used binaural double […]


One of the best uses of deep sleep programming is to adjust your wealth mindset. Sometimes it is difficult to change our core beliefs about money. By using sleep programming you can fundamentally alter your beliefs about money and develop a prosperity consciousness that will change the world around you. Suddenly you will have new […]