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Deep Sleep Meditation The Mighty I AM (The I Am Discourses) 432hz 528hz 639hz 963hz || EP 1389

Recently we read the absolutely amazing I AM Discourses from Saint Germain. (You can watch it here https://youtu.be/nJpSyoHWNf4) In the book he uses several phenomenally powerful I Am statements.  I have gathered these together and made them available as a sleep meditation. They are profoundly powerful, particularly when used in a sleep meditation 💰Large Sums […]

Deep Sleep Meditation – Creating Miracles || EP 1361

A guided sleep meditation to attract miracles in your life. I guide you into a miraculous state and then use affirmations to lock in miracles in your life. Later on we use binaural affirmations and subliminals to lock in the miraculous state. #attractmiracles #guidedsleepmeditation #brianscott Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic And Energy Activation […]

Deep Sleep Meditation – Ascending to Higher Dimensions – Delta 111hz 174hz 396hz 432hz 639hz 888hz || EP 161

<iframe height=”200px” width=”100%” frameborder=”no” scrolling=”no” seamless src=”https://player.simplecast.com/4f263d91-b97b-4766-9b45-9d4f150090f0?dar The intention of this meditation is to allow you to ascend as a creator to a higher level of mind, body and consciousness. There is an 8 minute introduction. The meditation begins at 8:01 This meditation is designed to help revise your day, fall asleep to the wish […]

Deep Sleep Meditation -The Ultimate Transurfing Deep Sleep Programming Meditation -2000 Affirmations EP|| 127

This is a massive deep sleep meditation designed to fill up every hour of your sleep cycle. The intention of this deep sleep meditation is to use the concepts from Transurfing and reprogram your subconscious using your sleep. This is a powerful technique that can completely change your subconscious mind. I have found nothing more […]