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Guided Meditation – Happily Ever After Wish Fulfilled Bliss Harmony || EP 1220

This meditation is designed to create a wonderfully perfect future in which you experience your happily ever after in bliss fulfilled harmony using affirmation and quantum codes. Please check out my previous episodes that discuss what these codes are and how to use them Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic and Energy Activation Through […]

Guided Meditation Quantum Codes For Shifting Realities || EP 1206

Here using quantum codes and grabovoi codes I help you to shift into a parallel reality. Please check out my previous episodes on art magic and grabovoi and quantum codes for a deeper discussion of what these codes are and how they work. I included The Quantum Healing Codes 42 88 112 to heal timeline […]

Guided Meditation Quantum Jumping Into Your Dream Home || EP 1200

The intention of this mediation is to allow you to quantum jump into a new reality where you live in your dream home. You can live in whatever home you imagine. Neville Goddard told numerous stories of people that would imagine living in their new home and a bridge of incidents would find them living […]

Guided Meditation – The Dream Body Codes || EP 1193

The intention of this meditation is to create a reality, to tune you into a reality through affirmation, grabovoi and quantum codes into your dream body. Many codes are used in the meditation, see my previous episodes for an explanation of grabovoi and quantum healing codes. I have my dream body now I have lost […]

Guided Meditation Best Day Ever (10 minutes) || EP 1174

This is a short ten minute meditation intended to propel you into the best day of your life. All it takes is just 10 minutes to propel you into the very best day you have ever heard. Do you have 10 minutes. Buy Tickets to Reality CON 2 Activating the Large Sums Of Money Mindset […]

Guided Meditation Taking Bold Action || EP 1167

Action is often  the last, final and most important step in the manifestation of your dreams Here we reprogram the subconscious with this simple and powerful affirmation this day I shall take bold action to project my big dream to the outer world of reality knowing that fortune favors the bold I shall dare to […]

Guided Meditation – Invoking The Genii || EP 1160

Meditation Begins at 4:10 The intention of this meditation is to invoke the genii. The genii are archetypes or aspects of the universal mind called genius spirits that make up one particular energy or aspect.  These genius spirits are often described as personified virtues and are known as The Genii of the Twelve Hours. They […]

Deep Sleep Meditation Everything Is Working To My Advantage || EP 1147

By request, this is a deep sleep meditation version of the everything is working to my advantage meditation. You must look at the world as working to your advantage. You must undestand that even the worst thing that can happen to you will work to your advantage if you let it. If you lose your […]

Guided Meditation Limitless Abundance || EP 1119

This meditation focuses on powerful treatments from Robert H Bitzers creative word. The goal is to bring abundance opulence and prosperity in your life. Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic And Energy Activation Through Flow Art and Voyages Through Imagination and Space  – https://www.newearth.art/ The New Earth Activation trainings – Immerse yourself in 12 […]

Morning Meditation The Walter Russell Morning Prayer || EP 1112

From The Divine Iliad, join me for this powerful Morning Prayer. Walter Russell’s Morning Prayer The dawn telleth the coming of the new day. I turn my eyes to the morning and purge myself in the purity of the dawn. My Soul quickeneth with the beauty of the dawn. Today is, and will be. Yesterday […]