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Guided Meditation – Magnetic Money Energizers || EP 1551

This meditation is around the amazing affirmations from the Anthony Norvell is his lecture on magnetic money energizers. our mind can turn your thoughts into the shimmering gold of success by using 20 simple magnetic money energizers. These help align your conscious and subconscious minds, forming an unbeatable team that can win fame and fortune […]

Dr. Joseph Murphy – The Road To Riches || EP 1550

Dr. Joseph Murphy, believes that every person is here on this earth to grow, expand and unfold mentally, spiritually and materially. You deserve to have all the money that you need to lead a life of abundance. Why should you be just satisfied with enough to go around when you can enjoy the riches of […]

Bri Seeley – Stepping Into Your Desired Future || EP 1542

Bri Seeley is a business coach for entrepreneurs, thought leader, innovator and business visionary. Bri recently gave a Ted talk on entrepreneurship. How do we move from where we are now to where we want to be. How do we step into the gap and make the changes in our life to bring prosperity? How […]

Anthony Norvell 10 Positve Steps To Your Desired Fortune || EP 1488

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Anthony Norvell – Magnetic Money Energizers That Can Turn Your Thoughts Into Gold || EP 1473

Everything that has ever been created by man was first a mental image. This includes all the buildings, transportation, clothing, ornaments such as jewelry and home decorations, food processing and conserving, television and radio, airplanes and automobiles— all these things were first held as mental images and then released to the outer world through creative […]

Guided Meditation – Manifest The Perfect Bank Balance || EP 1423

Sometimes what we need to manifest is not physical object but a bank balance. This meditation is designed to put you into that perfect state where you can properly imagine the bank balance of your dreams. Soon you will see  this balance on your screen and in the mail. Test the power of your imagination […]

How To Acquire A Prosperity Consciousness || EP 1351

Imagine what your life would be like if you were truly prosperous. You had all the things you want. Health, wealth, success flowing to you like a steady stream. How would you feel if your life was like that? If you can imagine what it would feel that you have everything you need. Prosperity is […]

From Poverty To Prosperity || EP 1336

Here I read an amazing writing from Eric Butterworth as he discusses the polarity between poverty and prosperity What you do with the wealth of the earth depends upon your shape of consciousness. You live in an unlimited universe that will accomodate you with pretty much  what you have the consciousness to accept. Poverty is […]

Bri Seeley On Entrepreneurship and Overcoming Money Blocks || EP 1312

Bri Seeley is a business coach for entrepreneurs, thought leader, innovator and business visionary. Bri recently gave a Ted talk on entrepreneurship. I loved this interview and learned so much about a variety of money oriented topics. You can find all about Bri and her programs at https://www.Briseeley.com/reality Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic […]

Catherine Ponder – Your Genius Powers Of Prosperity || EP 1209

In addition to normal powers of observation and perception, all people possess the deeper mind qualities of intuition and creative imagination, as well as special power. People whom the world considers to be of genius caliber are those who have had the courage and confidence to listen to their intuition and creative imagination, and who […]