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Joseph Selbie On The Physics Of God || EP 1225

“A user’s manual for superheroes. Joseph Selbie’s well written trifecta provides practices to help you achieve your superconscious potentials. An exhilarating read.” —Dean Radin PhD, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Real Magic Break Joseph Selbie makes the complex and obscure, simple and clear. A founding member of the meditation-based community Ananda […]

Mitch Horowitz – On Reality Creation And The Last Days Of Neville Goddard || EP 1218

I recently got the chance to meet Mitch Horowitz in person. He was so nice and so cool and I nervously asked him for another interview. It turned out to be perfect timing because of Mitch’s  recent book Neville Goddards final lectures in which Mitch obtained Neville’s Death Certificate and we continue to learn more […]

Rizwan Virk – Do We Live In A Simulate Multiverse? || EP 1205

I really really really enjoyed speaking with Rizwan Virk the amazing writer of The Simulation Hypothesis and The Simulated Multiverse Do multiple versions of ourselves exist in parallel universes living out their lives in different timelines?In this follow up to his bestseller, The Simulation Hypothesis, MIT Computer Scientist and Silicon Valley Game Pioneer Rizwan Virk […]

Lee Harris On Channeling And Energy || EP 1198

Lee Harris is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive and Transformation Teacher who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive and live a better life! His channeled books, ENERGY SPEAKS and newest release, CONVERSATIONS WITH THE Z’S, BOOK ONE, became instant bestsellers and his intuitive messages reach hundreds of […]

Dr. Laura Berman On Quantum Love || EP 1191

Dr. Laura Berman is a world-renowned and well-loved sex, love and relationship therapist. She earned two Masters Degrees and a PhD from New York University, and has spent the past 30 years devoting her career to helping others learn to love and be loved better from a mind, body and spiritual perspective. Dr Berman has […]

Tina Michelle Briggs On The Secret Power Of Crystals || EP 1172

Tina Michelle Briggs sells crystals on her etsy website and has a unique knowledge of the nature and variation of the power of crystals. I have found her to be quite a resource. Are crystals just beautiful knick knacks or do they offer something more? What are the most powerful crystals to use?  Tina talks […]

Interview with Char Margois – Awakening Your Psychic Powers || EP 1158

Char Margolis is an internationally acclaimed psychic intuitive medium who has been using her gifts to help people for more than fifty years. She is the author of several books including The Universe is Calling You and You Are Psychic.   Margolis, has a gift to connect with the spirit world and strongly intuit messages […]

Anne Bérubé On The Burnout Antidote || EP 1135

Restore Your Core Essence, Find Emotional Freedom, and Thrive Use your body as an instrument for accelerated transformation and growth with this powerful guide to overcoming burnout. Anne Bérubé helps you access your innate capacity to heal and shows you that your burnout can become a gateway to embodied wisdom and vitality. This book empowers […]

Lindsay Fauntleroy On The Magic Of The Five Elements || EP 1124

I had the honor of reading Lindsay’s amazing book – In Our Element: Using the Five Elements as Soul Medicine to Unleash Your Personal Power – prior to talking to Lindsay. I was blown away by this book in the way that it explains the elements and creates a system for you to access your […]

Interview with RJ Spina On Supercharge Self Mastery || EP 1110

I just loved my first interview with RJ Spina the amazing author of supercharged self healing. RJ told of his amazing story of healing himself from paralysis. Here we go deeper about a variety of topics. RJ Spina has devoted his adult life to teaching people how to raise their frequency, improve the quality of […]