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Guided Meditation Starship Ascension || EP 1544

This is a very special meditation. A direct collaboration with Brian Larson. Brian worked for a month tailoring a very specific soundtrack to this meditation. He used the raw audio track as footage. As a result Brian created one of the most amazing soundtracks ever. This is a ballad from the stars, a journey through […]

Guided Meditation – Manifest The Perfect Bank Balance || EP 1423

Sometimes what we need to manifest is not physical object but a bank balance. This meditation is designed to put you into that perfect state where you can properly imagine the bank balance of your dreams. Soon you will see  this balance on your screen and in the mail. Test the power of your imagination […]

Guided Meditation Entering The Command Center Of The Simulation || EP 1253

The intention of this meditation is guide you to a place within this univese that is the command center of the whole simulation. Here you can control all of the different variables that program the reality around you. Meet with your higher self in the command center and alter the very programming guiding you in […]

Deep Sleep Meditation Dreamwalking In The Multiverse || EP 1072

I was inspired after watching Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness to create this meditation. This allows you freely explore and dreamwalk as you sleep in the multiverse. This is a fantastic Lucid Dreaming exercise and a way to explore the many parallel universes of your self. I set this at four hours to […]

Guided Meditation The Crystal Energy Manifestation Meditation || EP 1016

The intention of this meditation is to take you to a special dimension and location in which you can take advantage of a special crystal energy in order to manifest your deepest desires Music By Mettaverse limitless overflowing sacral sun sacred stillness aligning with the infinite ascesnion 369hz internal focus flow state music divine breath […]

Entering The Quantum And Creating Miracles || EP 821

I want to give you the secret to miracles. How do you create miracles? Miracles are real, they happen every day, in every moment, with every breath, all over the universe. This is a universe of miracles. Here we will discuss entering the quantum field and becoming the creator. Once you understand the power of […]

Guided Meditation The Black Hole Big Bang Meditation || EP 719

The most powerful creative force in the universe came right at the beginning when the universes exploded into existence. The energy and force of this powerful moment transformed the universe from the size of a pea to what we have today. This energy was so powerful it birthed planets, stars, and galaxies. What if you […]

Guided Meditation – Manifestation Acceleration Programming || EP 563

Often times people expect their manifestations to occur far into the future.  Many contact me saying Brian is their anyway to speed up my manifestations.  Your manifestations are slow because that is how you created them.  Believing in the efficient and quick manifestations of your reality can be difficult.  I designed this too program your […]


Kundalini is a powerful energy that resides at the base of the tail bone, often represented by a snake twisting up the spine. In most people, this energy is dormant until something causes it to awaken. This can be induced through specific types of yoga, breathing exercises or chanting. in Hinduism is a form of […]