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A Blueprint For Prosperity || EP 1507

Welcome to the reality revolution, we have done many episodes on prosperity and abundance on the podcast. It has long been my goal to facilitate absolute prosperity in your life. Here I attempt to create a blueprint that you can follow to find prosperity using the law of attraction and other universal laws to create […]

The Law Of Supply || EP 1465

Nature originally intended that the real needs of man should be adequately supplied; not his surface wants, which are often impulses, but the normal specific needs of the individual, which would be abundantly satisfied were man to live in closer harmony with the fundamental law of supply. MAN IS NEVER SATISFIED. This fact is deplored […]

Activating Future Prosperity In The Present Moment || EP 1391

Right now in this present moment you are enough. You have all the tools. There is abundance and prosperity in the present moment. Planning for future abundance is only part of the equation. Eventually you have to start living it. All true success takes time.There is a dichotomy between present moment and future wish fulfilled. […]

Prosperity Unleashed || EP 1372

Prosperity and abundance are all around you. It is time to unleash your abundance and prosperity. ✨Large Sums Of Money Activation Trainings – https://realityrevolutioncon.com/largesumsofmoney 🎨 Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic and Energy Activation Through Flow Art and Voyages Through Space and Imagination. https://www.newearth.art/ ✨BUY MY BOOK! https://www.amazon.com/Reality-Revolution-Mind-Blowing-Movement-Hack/dp/154450618X/ ✨Listen to my book on audible […]

How To Acquire A Prosperity Consciousness || EP 1351

Imagine what your life would be like if you were truly prosperous. You had all the things you want. Health, wealth, success flowing to you like a steady stream. How would you feel if your life was like that? If you can imagine what it would feel that you have everything you need. Prosperity is […]

From Poverty To Prosperity || EP 1336

Here I read an amazing writing from Eric Butterworth as he discusses the polarity between poverty and prosperity What you do with the wealth of the earth depends upon your shape of consciousness. You live in an unlimited universe that will accomodate you with pretty much  what you have the consciousness to accept. Poverty is […]

Robert Collier – What Are We Here For? || EP 1217

What are we here for?  Why are we living on this planet?   One of the early Christian missionaries to Britain was addressing a conclave of the tribes, gathered at night in a rude hall, made of branches covered with skins and open at each end. He spoke eloquently of the one God. He told […]

Raymond Charles Barker – Profitable Thinking || EP 1129

Prosperity is a spiritual value within you that is invisible until you demonstrate it. Any person or group can use a spiritual premise and have expanding  prosperity in material goods. Many churches have treated the poor as the chosen and prosperity as a sin. The truth is the individual is his own prosperity. I am […]

Prosperity Thinking || EP 1041

“Where is the money coming from?” “How am I going to pay the rent?” “How am I going to get a new car?” “Why don’t I get a better job?” “Why don’t I get on faster?” “Why don’t I get a decent salary?” “Why can’t I be successful?” “Why don’t I get ahead?” “Why am […]

Robert Collier – The Creative Force || EP 890

What is a word? A mental concept or image, is it not? In originating language, words were coined to represent certain images or objects. The word horse, for instance, calls to mind the image left upon the retina and the brain by what one has seen of that quadruped. But what if there were no […]