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The Art Of Blessing || EP 1527

The ancients’ secret for happy living was the act of blessing. Most of us have heard the terms “blessing,” “bless you” or even, “I blessed him out.” But seldom have we realized the power we have to experience health, harmony, and prosperity through the ancient practice of blessing. As presented in the Book of Genesis, […]

A Blueprint For Prosperity || EP 1507

Welcome to the reality revolution, we have done many episodes on prosperity and abundance on the podcast. It has long been my goal to facilitate absolute prosperity in your life. Here I attempt to create a blueprint that you can follow to find prosperity using the law of attraction and other universal laws to create […]

The Law Of Supply || EP 1465

Nature originally intended that the real needs of man should be adequately supplied; not his surface wants, which are often impulses, but the normal specific needs of the individual, which would be abundantly satisfied were man to live in closer harmony with the fundamental law of supply. MAN IS NEVER SATISFIED. This fact is deplored […]

The Ten Laws Of Abundance || EP 1318

In this video, we explore the ten laws of abundance as taught by Stuart Wilde in his book the Little Money Bible. I summarize his teachings from the book. These laws will teach you to attract more prosperity, joy, and meaning into your life. Each law offers a unique perspective and set of tools for […]

The Art Of Receiving || EP 1212

It is better to give than to receive. Oh, but is it? It’s a belief I’ve begun to question. There’s an art to both. In order to receive, there has to be a giver in the equation. Giving, when done from a healthy place, is joyful. When you struggle to receive you deprive the giver […]

Catherine Ponder – Your Genius Powers Of Prosperity || EP 1209

In addition to normal powers of observation and perception, all people possess the deeper mind qualities of intuition and creative imagination, as well as special power. People whom the world considers to be of genius caliber are those who have had the courage and confidence to listen to their intuition and creative imagination, and who […]

Catherine Ponder – Financial Independence Can Be Yours || EP 1196

One of the desires of all prosperous-minded people is to be self-supporting and financially independent. Poverty is a universal fear of mankind, and many people today are experiencing financial lack, despite the unprecedented prosperity of our times.   Once you learn the power which you release through prosperous thinking, it will dawn upon you that […]

The Integral Laws Of Prosperity || EP 1192

While not comprehensive here I attempt to go over some the intergral laws of prosperity. I discuss the law of radiation and attraction, the vacuum law, the law of command, the law of increase, the law of persistence and the law of love and harmony. While there are numerous laws that play a role in […]

Raymond Charles Barker – Profitable Thinking || EP 1129

Prosperity is a spiritual value within you that is invisible until you demonstrate it. Any person or group can use a spiritual premise and have expanding  prosperity in material goods. Many churches have treated the poor as the chosen and prosperity as a sin. The truth is the individual is his own prosperity. I am […]

Prosperity Thinking || EP 1041

“Where is the money coming from?” “How am I going to pay the rent?” “How am I going to get a new car?” “Why don’t I get a better job?” “Why don’t I get on faster?” “Why don’t I get a decent salary?” “Why can’t I be successful?” “Why don’t I get ahead?” “Why am […]