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Neville Goddard Imagination’s Power || EP 1362

Tonight’s subject is “Imagination’s Power.” I hope you will listen carefully. I hope I will get a nice response; that you will agree when I tell you that when I use the word Imagination, I mean God, I mean the Lord Jesus. To me they are interchangeable terms. So, my Imagination and your Imagination are […]

Neville Goddard – Foreknowledge || EP 1355

Tonight’s subject is “Foreknowledge.” We’re told in scripture that “Thus said the Lord of hosts, ‘As I have planned, so shall it be; as I have purposed, so shall it stand. And the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind’” (Is. 14:24; Jer. 23:20). Now the […]

Neville Goddard – The Mystery Of Imagination || EP 1348

Tonight’s subject is “The Mystery of Imagination.” I could have titled it “The Mystery of God, the Mystery of Man, the Mystery of Christ.” It would have been the same thing. But I took for tonight the use of the word Imagination—it would not offend. But these three are interchangeable words. So here, I imagine […]

Neville Goddard Imagining Creates Reality || EP 1309

Imagining Creates Reality 6/3/1968 Neville Goddard This will be our last Neville Goddard lecture for a while (maybe not that long). Tonight’s subject is “Imagining Creates Reality” and I mean this literally. We’re told that God is the only Creator, so if I make the claim that imagining creates reality, I am identifying God with […]

Neville Goddard – Even The Wicked || EP 1304

God made everything for its purpose and even the wicked for the time of trouble. So , you want a bigger job, you want more money in this world, you want—and you name it. Well, it may be a thief who is going to aid you into getting without knowing he is doing it. Don’t […]

Neville Goddard – Free Or Slave || EP 1297

Free Or Slave Neville Goddard 10/7/66 I make the statement that imagining creates reality and I mean that seriously. That man should live as if it were true, just as if it were true—I don’t care what it is, the most incredible thing in the world—as if it were true. And if he is faithful […]

Neville Goddard Truth || EP 1169

I wish to ask each one of you listening to me today a question – a question which must be close to the hearts of us all concerning truth. If a man known to you as a murderer broke into your home and asked the whereabouts of your mother, would you tell him where she […]

Neville Goddard – The New And Living Way || EP 1162

The New and Living Way 3/31/64 Neville Goddard “Only the Imagination of man is vast enough to contain the immensity of space.” And so, tonight, we ask the question concerning this new and living way: Can any man go forth where his Imagination has never gone before? I will answer that, no he can’t. Therefore, […]

Neville Goddard The Fundamental Sin || EP 1155

The Fundamental Sin 6/25/65 Neville Goddard We are told in scripture that the fundamental sin in the world is man’s lack of faith in I am he. If you want the quote, it’s the 8th chapter of the Book of John. You’ll find it confirmed in the 16th of John: “You will die in your […]

Neville Goddard Fawcett’s Letter || EP 1149

Neville Goddard Fawcett’s Letter 09-22-1959 This platform is concerned only with Imaginism. We believe the Supreme Power that created the universe is all Imagination. We believe that man is all Imagination, and this Supreme Power we call God exists in us and we in it, that our eternal body is Imagination . . that is, […]