Neville Goddard Fawcett’s Letter || EP 1149

Neville Goddard

Fawcett’s Letter


This platform is concerned only with Imaginism. We believe the Supreme Power that created the universe is all Imagination. We believe that man is all Imagination, and this Supreme Power we call God exists in us and we in it, that our eternal body is Imagination . . that is, God himself. And I mean that literally. So we will turn now to the greatest book in the world, the Bible . . which is addressed to the real man, who is all Imagination, not to the “natural” man or the one you see daily reflected in the mirror.

For, like my Father, I AM spirit, and I, the spiritual man, have neither face, form, nor figure. I must come to understand my own invisibility, for when I fully understand that, I am awake. But I will express myself in form forever and forever. This universe, vast as it seems, is only a part, for there are worlds within worlds. This platform is to encourage you to test it and create reality.

You can create the conditions of your own world. You must realize that if one is a teacher the responsibility on his shoulders is great, for if I am a teacher my purpose is to make you see as I see, and to the degree that I can get you to see as I see I have succeeded in getting my thought across, but if my thought is false I mislead you, the responsibility is mine.

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