Neville Goddard Truth || EP 1169

I wish to ask each one of you listening to me today a question – a question which must be close to the hearts of us all concerning truth. If a man known to you as a murderer broke into your home and asked the whereabouts of your mother, would you tell him where she was? Would you tell him the truth? Would you? I venture not – I hope not. In the most mystical of the Gospels – in the Gospel of St. John we read, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Therein lies a challenge to us all, “The truth shall make you free.” If you told the truth concerning your mother, would you set her free? Again, in John we read, “Sanctify them by the truth.” If you gave your mother up to a murderer, would you “sanctify her?” What, then, is the truth of which the Bible so constantly speaks? The truth of the Bible is always coupled with love. The truth of the Bible is that spiritual realization of conscious life in God towards which the human soul evolves through all eternity.

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