Neville Goddard – The New And Living Way || EP 1162

The New and Living Way 3/31/64

Neville Goddard

“Only the Imagination of man is vast enough to contain the immensity of space.”

And so, tonight, we ask the question concerning this new and living way: Can any man go forth where his Imagination has never gone before? I will answer that, no he can’t. Therefore, tell me the greatest story ever told, if you know it, so that I may walk with you in Imagination.

For I cannot walk there with you through faith in Imagination, I can never get there; so you tell me if you know it from experience best of all. If hearsay and you believe it, that will do. But don’t mislead me. Tell me the story, the greatest story ever told.

That is the story as read in the gospels, that’s the story. Read the story in the Bible, from beginning to end, but it comes to a flower in the gospels. If you tell me that story and I can respond to it and go with you, I am walking in Imagination with you, then I can go there.

But no man in this world would ever go forth where his Imagination has not gone before, no one. So if you know the story, share it with me, and we can take it on many, many levels. So I’ll show you this new and living way.

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