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Flowing Through The Energy Body || EP 1317

Have you ever had the experience of feeling a sudden sense of joy? You’re walking along and you notice the beauty of the rose bush against the green of the young tree leaves and the blue of the sky. Or you’re working away at the chores and suddenly your whole being feels wholesome and happy. […]

The Force Is With Us || EP 985

“ For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.” – Yoda The great light and force of chi all around us makes.  This episode is about the great force all around us, our relationship to it and how to use it. The New Earth Activation trainings – Immerse yourself in 12 […]

Guided Meditation From Soul To Earth Star Activating the Eighth And Ninth Chakras || EP 718

The earliest spiritual traditions perceived ego consciousness as mediated through seven energetic vortices that they called ‘chakras’. In recent years, this ancient wisdom has become much more widely known and accepted. Collectively, however, we know at a deep level that our personal energy field of seven chakras is incomplete. This can be shown by the […]

Guided Meditation Linking To The Cosmic Grid || EP 661

The  Cosmic Grid is an energy field (mesh-like) which surrounds Earth and the Upper Layers. It contains Universal energies, which if “tapped into”, can assist healing, knowledge and manifestation for the Highest Intent. The intention of this meditation is to awaken the charkras using mantras and mudras, to activate the Merkabah and then link to […]

Guided Meditation Calling Down The Power And Activating The Guardian Shield || EP 473

The meditation begins at 2:58 Within our human heritage is a vast storehouse of magical words, mantras, invocations and chantes handed down from ages past.  The ancients used these sacred sounds to still the mind, heal the body, and attain higher states of consciousness. These sounds are their gift to us. According to Jewish tradition, […]

Guided Meditation: Opening Your Crown Chakra || EP 291

Crown Chakra Is the last of our 7 Chakras, the home of our connection to the cosmos, that infinite energy , Awakening Crown Chakra helps us connecting with that one source of all of us. the source from which we all originated.   Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) Meaning: The 1st Ray of “Will and Power” is associated […]

Guided Meditation ✧ Activate and Balance || EP 189

The meditation starts at 9:00 The Second Chakra, known in Sanskrit as #Svadisthana (meaning “Abode of the Vital Force”) and in Martial Arts, it is known as the “Hara”, is our sexuality and sensuousness. It is where one feels one’s power and ability to connect to others from this personal power. This vital energy feeds […]


This is an advanced meditation, if you are just starting out in meditation, you should try one of my many other meditations. The intention of this meditation is to activate, amplify, awaken, attune and align your energy meridians and amplify your energy flow using several sophisticated techniques in conjunction with a plait activation. (The plait […]