Guided Meditation Calling Down The Power And Activating The Guardian Shield || EP 473

The meditation begins at 2:58

Within our human heritage is a vast storehouse of magical words, mantras, invocations and chantes handed down from ages past.  The ancients used these sacred sounds to still the mind, heal the body, and attain higher states of consciousness. These sounds are their gift to us.

According to Jewish tradition, the Hebrew language has a divine origin. In Genesis 1, God creates the world by pronouncing his will; hence language has the ultimate creative potential. This view forms the starting point for most of the Jewish mystical and magical traditions, from antiquity right up to present times. Sefer yetsirah, one of the earliest Jewish mystical texts of Hellenistic provenance, dated by scholars somewhere between the 2nd and 7th centuries CE, describes the process of creation as taking place through the 22 letters of the Hebrew language and ten cardinal numbers.

Early on, Sefer yetsirah received magically oriented interpretations, which explained how to imagine and possibly repeat the divine process of creation through manipulation of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, to the effect of creating a golem.[1] Giving a name to a golem was believed to animate and control its body and conversely erasing the name would annihilate the creature.

In Jewish mystical tradition, any name and its designated object are directly linked, so that the name reflects the nature of its object. Each and every entity possesses a linguistic equivalent – a name – and God is no exception. In some of the medieval Ashkenazic mystical works, as well as in some types of later Kabbalah, the highest form of knowledge concerns the divine realms, with the names of angels and the divine being the most important.

In the view of Nahmanides, a Catalonian Kabbalist of the 13th century CE, the whole Torah[2] is a string of names for God, while earlier rabbinic and mystical traditions select these names from certain parts of the written Law. Apart from the commonly used Tetragrammaton,[3] there are a number of other designations for God, for example the 22-letter divine name derived from the first five words of the priestly blessing in Numbers 6:24-25, the 72-letter divine name composed of the letters of Exodus 14:19-21, and several more.

Early Jewish mystical texts are full of lists and interpretations of both divine and angelic names, whose knowledge is believed to give special powers to those who are worthy and capable of receiving them. As shown in numerous manuscript sources in the 13th-century CE Ashkenaz, the commentaries on the names of God and angels which were based on various numerological equations and derived primarily from the biblical text, gained much popularity.

For this meditation I have studied several powerful words and created a medtation that will allow you to

Balance the energy centers

Awaken and balance the five bodies

Awaken the middle power

Call Down The Power and

Activate the Guardian’s Shield

I have done my best to clarify the pronunciation and each of these words when intoned carry a specific puprose.

This is very powerful.  The angels needed an extra week before this came out.

This will awaken the elohim within

This will awaken you to your great divine heritage and activate a shield of light around the earth that cannot be  stopped

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