Guided Meditation From Soul To Earth Star Activating the Eighth And Ninth Chakras || EP 718

The earliest spiritual traditions perceived ego consciousness as mediated through seven energetic vortices that they called ‘chakras’.

In recent years, this ancient wisdom has become much more widely known and accepted. Collectively, however, we know at a deep level that our personal energy field of seven chakras is incomplete. This can be shown by the cosmic resonance embodied in the 13 notes of the complete chromatic musical scale and the eight notes of its diatonic sub-scale. Singing the first seven notes of the diatonic scale – doh, ray, me, fa, soh, la, te – leaves us feeling that something is missing. And so it is. It is the eighth note that completes the octave and the 8th chakra that completes the octave of our personality-based consciousness. The 8th chakra is also the energetic portal to our higher awareness, guidance and soul-level purpose.

The 8th chakra is the first transpersonal chakra of our unity awareness. Unity awareness is consciousness of the greater whole of which we are all part and which we are now able to embody in human form. Accessing such expanded awareness enables us to transcend the limitations of our human perception and re-member that we are not alone but ultimately are all-one. We are thus empowered to real-ize the holographic nature of the Cosmos, the One expressed through the almost infinite diversity of the many.

The 8th chakra The 8th chakra of the universal heart is the bridge between our ego-based perception and our higher awareness. On a collective level, we are now experiencing our resonance with this chakra as an increasingly global compassion. Most people individually feel its presence as an energy centre positioned between the personal heart and throat chakras. Energetically, the 8th chakra may be perceived as bringing together the trinity energies of our mind, heart and will as expressed through our alter major, heart and solar plexus chakras. In essence the triadic nature of the universal heart thus creates an energetic portal, balancing and raising our awareness to a transpersonal level. Unconditional love is the vibration of this level of perception and as we reverberate with its essence we gain a new understanding of the archetypal consciousness that guides our human experience.

The ninth chakra is located approximately a hand’s length beneath our feet. The energies of this so-called ‘earthstar’ chakra offer us a much more profound connection with the Earth than does our personal root chakra. By connecting with the Earth through the earthstar chakra, we are able to commune at ever more profound levels with the devic and elemental realms of the living Earth.

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