This is an advanced meditation, if you are just starting out in meditation, you should try one of my many other meditations. The intention of this meditation is to activate, amplify, awaken, attune and align your energy meridians and amplify your energy flow using several sophisticated techniques in conjunction with a plait activation. (The plait is your spiritual antennae see our plait activation meditation) As Vadim Zeland states, “To practice Transurfing and reality creation effectively you have to be in a good state of health and have a relatively powerful energy field. You may think that your health is quite good as it is but not really know what true health feels like. If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and do not want to go to work or university; if you feel sluggish after lunch and find yourself nodding off, and in the evening wish for nothing better then to plonk yourself down in front of the television, you cannot say that you are in good health. If this describes your lifestyle, your energy levels are clearly only sufficient to support a measured existence. Once you add on the transurfing adaptations of importance and balancing forces you will already have additional energy by reclaiming the vitality that was previously being spent on the burden of excess potentials and pendulums. You can also get energy by regulating your sleep, diet and exercise. However, you can never have too much energy and so in this meditation I am going to introduce a number of techniques for ways to increase your energy levels even further. What we understand here by ‘energy levels’ is the ability to absorb and use energy. There are basically two forms of energy in the human body: physiological energy and free energy. Physiological energy is attained via the digestive system. Free energy is the energy of the Cosmos that passes through the human body. Together both make up our energy body. Human energy is spent on fulfilling various biological functions but it also radiates out from the body into the space around us. There is an infinite supply of Cosmic energy in the world, but as humans we only absorb a tiny fraction of it. It passes through the body in two directions. The first current passes in an upward direction and runs one inch in front of the spine in men and two inches in front of the spine in women. The second current of energy passes in a downward direction and runs very close to the spine. The amount of free energy a person has depends on the width of their central meridians. The wider the meridians, the greater a person’s energy levels will be. The meridian system was discovered long ago. It is also referred to as chakras but there are several different schools showing from 5 to 12 major meridians including minor energy centers. The circulation of energy around the human body is a relatively complex process but that should not overly concern you. For our purposes, it is enough to concentrate on these two central meridians. A disruption in the normal flow of energy caused because somewhere ‘blocks’ and ‘holes’ have appeared, can manifest in the form of physical illness. The opposite is also true. An inner organ that is affected by illness can also distort the overall picture of the energy body. This meditation starts out with breathing exercises to awaken your energy followed by an awareness-based expansion of your cosmic energy by your energy centers developed in yoga and by Dr. Joe Dispenza, I then do the middle pillar exercise which is a powerful exercise originally used by the golden dawn to bring energy down creating the dual-stream that Zeland talks about, we then do a kundalini breathing exercise to activate the pineal gland and open you to dimensions beyond time and space. The meditation ends with a plait activation. My sound editor Quinn Brentson did a masterful job of sound editing. So grateful that Mettaverse let me use their music on this meditation. This was the most important component. I always wanted to create a meditation using specific frequencies for each energy meridian to amplify its activation. I also repeat mantras 21 times for each meridian awakening primal vibrations that work to expand, amplify and balance each meridian. By the end using all of these together is uncharted territory, I created this because I always wanted a guided meditation to do this for me. When you are done you will take off like a rocketship with pure intention and energy to create and enjoy whatever reality you desire. So many frequencies and songs were used in this recording. 12 songs were used with multiple combinations layered in designed to align and amplify each meridian. With 9 songs by Mettaverse Subscribe to their channel here all these songs can be found here ➤ Listen to them on Soundcloud: ➤ Follow them on Instagram: ➤ Join them on Facebook: ➤ Support their Work at Patreon: Music by Mettaverse 111Hz Cellular Healing – The “Holy Frequency Celestial Voices ⟡ 372Hz ⟡ Dimensional Openness 396Hz Root Chakra // Liberation from Guilt and Fear 417Hz Sacral Chakra // Remove Negative Energy and Facilitate Change 432Hz Music of the Spheres ⟡ Aligning with the Harmony of Creation 528Hz ✧ “Solar Winds” ✧ The Core Creative Frequency of Nature 639Hz Heart Chakra // Love, Harmony and Positive Energy 741Hz Throat Chakra // Facilitate Self-Discovery and Self-Expression 777Hz // Angelic Frequency Scale 852Hz Crown Chakra // Open the Third Eye, Return to Spiritual Order by Mettaverse with permission from Mettaverse 3 songs by Per Kiilstofte during the Kundalini breathing sequence Music by Per Kiilstofte When Heroes Arise – by Per Kiilstofte [SECTOR-17]_Skyline – by Per Kiilstofte Battle of the Titans – by Per Kiistofte Licensed to play with permission from Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International— CC BY 4.0… Meeting your Quantum Higher self – The Identity Shift Meditation The Plait Activation Meditation – The Big Bang Meditation – The Infinity Palace Meditation – The Transdimensional Nexus Meditation – Guided Sleep Meditation: Floating in Eternity – Ultimate Morning Routine and Meditation – Guided Meditation: Into the void – The Wealth and Abundance Meditation – A message from your future self – On Parallel Realities – Energy – Intuition – Guided Meditation: Awaken Your Energy Centers – The Confidence Meditation – Guided Meditation: The Gratifestation Octave – Prosperity Consciousness – How to use breathing to change your life The Health Revolution – Becoming Healthier through the power of your mind The Love Revolution: Using the Law of Attraction to find love… and your soulmate Finding Your Purpose – Transform your health – All my guided meditations in one place All my short meditations (you have 10 minutes) – All my episodes about parallel realities – For coaching – For all episodes of the Reality Revolution – Like us on Facebook Join our facebook group The Reality Revolution Subscribe to my Youtube channel Contact us at

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