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Deep Sleep Meditation – Creating Miracles || EP 1361

A guided sleep meditation to attract miracles in your life. I guide you into a miraculous state and then use affirmations to lock in miracles in your life. Later on we use binaural affirmations and subliminals to lock in the miraculous state. #attractmiracles #guidedsleepmeditation #brianscott Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic And Energy Activation […]

Guided Meditation Entering The Command Center Of The Simulation || EP 1253

The intention of this meditation is guide you to a place within this univese that is the command center of the whole simulation. Here you can control all of the different variables that program the reality around you. Meet with your higher self in the command center and alter the very programming guiding you in […]

Guided Meditation – Quantum Jumping To Heaven || EP 754

The intention of this meditation is to take you to heaven and to bring heaven back to earth.  By imagining heaven in all things, by remembering heaven you  you can invite these energies into the world.  Here we do a full quantum jump and take you directly to heaven.  It is always there for you […]

8 Hour Deep Sleep Quantum Jump Meditation || EP 454

Meditation starts at 3:46 This is sleep meditation version of the quantum jump meditation. One of the best ways to enter into a parallel reality is to quantum jump through meditation.  Meditation allows you to move your consciousness into a multiverse of realities. Anything is possible.  All realities exist in the quantum field. Sleep is […]

4 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation Blissbody Rejuvenation And Instant Healing || EP 417

Meditation starts at 2:33 I have two meditations on the channel dedicated to healing, health and tapping into your blissbody.  These meditations have really helped me and many others to hear our bodies not only quickly but waking up with feelings of complete rejuvenation.  I take you to a place within the quantum field and […]


On this meditation, I take you on a beautiful journey to meet your quantum higher self. Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self. Blavatsky formally defined the higher self as “Atma the inseparable ray of […]