8 Hour Deep Sleep Quantum Jump Meditation || EP 454

Meditation starts at 3:46

This is sleep meditation version of the quantum jump meditation.

One of the best ways to enter into a parallel reality is to quantum jump through meditation.  Meditation allows you to move your consciousness into a multiverse of realities.

Anything is possible.  All realities exist in the quantum field.

Sleep is one of the best ways to do this.  It gives you time to get use to your new reality and your new body.

Warning once you go to sleep you will awaken in the new reality of your imagining.  It may not seem so at first but I promise you will be in a brand new universe.

Whatever you want is available, unlimited wealth, health, love and joy.

What reality will you choose?

Music by Mettaverse

travel light

inner worlds


a universal language

372hz dimensional openness

528HZ solar winds

432 HZ natural vibrations restorative healing music

528 HZDNA integrity and 787hz universal remedy

111 Hz the divine frequency

639hz increase love and harmony cleanse negative energy

174 hz undercurrent of serenity

432 HZ deep sleep night sounds relaxing ambient mus

rhythm of breath calm the mind rejuvenate the heart binaural beats Delta and Theta

ambient healing sound bath 432 hz tuning

432 hz deep sleep night sounds

healing restorative music

replenish the whole self

sound medicine

ascension waves

universal frequency 888hz

deep theta

deep delta 432 hz lucid dreaming 4hz theta and 8hz alpha

healing tranquility 111hz beta endorphins and cell rengenetration

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