4 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation Blissbody Rejuvenation And Instant Healing || EP 417

Meditation starts at 2:33

I have two meditations on the channel dedicated to healing, health and tapping into your blissbody.  These meditations have really helped me and many others to hear our bodies not only quickly but waking up with feelings of complete rejuvenation.  I take you to a place within the quantum field and heal each cell in your body, returning every fiber back to its perfect point.  You will wake up feeling maginificent.  This meditation I spin up your merkaba as you go to sleep, you revise the day, you fall asleep to the wish fulfilled your, your relax your body and then travel to the great galactic pyramid and as you enter the chambers you regenerate your body and when you awakened your consciousness will be in a brand new body.

The frequencies used by mettaverse are designed to rejuvenate, regenerate, and heal your body to its perfect state of bliss.

This is your bliss body and we are just getting started.  By doing this meditation regularly in conjunction with a healthy diet you will intentionally recreate and reprogram your body.  This could be the fountain of youth

The end of this has binaural affirmations scattered throughout to reprogram your subconscious thinking about your body and your health.

Welcome To The Reality Revolution

Music by Mettaverse

travel light

cosmic river

mental and spiritual rejuvenation

replenish the whole self


the shift


healing and restorative ambient music

deep relaxation clear negative energies and ease tension 396hz 528hz

sound medicine

cellular rejuvenation

ascension waves

solar winds

639hz increase harmony

rhythm of the breath 1-6hz delta

rejuvenating sleep reconnect with nature

432hz deep sleep night sounds relaxing ambient music

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