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Overcoming Resentment and Guilt To Allow For Miracles || EP 905

One of the greatest obstacles to achieving miracles and desires in your life is resentment and guilt.  This episode is dedicated to how to deal with negative emotions, resentments and guilt to allow for miracles in your life. Releasing these powerful emotions transforms them from obstacles into stepping stones Alternate Universe Reality Activation  get full […]

Breaking Out Of Self Punishing Patterns || EP 841

Do you experience a recurring negative cycle?  Do you find that you have a part of yourself that secretly punishes yourself. Most of us prisoners of painful patterns.   The only way to break the pattern of self punishing patterns is bringing light to these patterns. There is no need for you to suffer. Alternate […]

Napoleon Hill The End Of The Rainbow || EP 356

In 1922, Napoleon Hill was invited to give the commencement address at Salem College in Salem, West Virginia. The school was founded in 1888 as a liberal arts, teacher education, and nursing college. Titled “The End of the Rainbow,” the commencement address was the most influential speech that Hill ever gave.   When Hill delivered the […]