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How To Practice The Art Of Thinking Big || EP 1257

There is a magic to thinking big. Here Howard E Hill talks about the art of thinking big in his book How To Think Like A Millionaire And Get Rich. Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic and Energy Activation Through Flow Art and Voyages Through Space and Imagination. https://www.newearth.art/ BUY MY BOOK! https://www.amazon.com/Reality-Revolution-Mind-Blowing-Movement-Hack/dp/154450618X/Listen to […]

How To Engage In The Success Cycle || EP 1243

Success has a rhythm. It touches each one of us in intervals of time.   There is a tide in the affairs of men.  One of the first requisites in learning to think rich is to be an outstanding expert in something. Resolve with great will to learn all there is to know about the […]

The First Step To Riches How To Make The Law Of Accrual Work For You || EP 1236

Within each and every one of us is a spark of genius. All that is needed to fan that tiny flame into an inferno of action is a strong affirmative desire.   To begin to think like a millionaire you need to identify what is it that make you tick. That pushes you towards your […]

The Secret Science Of Attracting Money || EP 1230

We have now discussed many aspects of wealth creation and reality creation through the podcast. We have analyzed this on several levels. We must understand money, how we deal with and how money is the key to understanding how to attract. Lets go deeper on the secret science of attracting money. Buy My Art – […]

Changing Your Energetic Pattern For Money Flow || EP 1223

Your life and wealth is based on your energetic pattern. One business will work for one person and never for another. You energy flows in a unique pattern that fits perfect into the energy pattern of certain businesses. In understanding your energy you can move into a state of money flow by changing your energetic […]

A Vision Of Prosperity For A New World || EP 1171

We all live and do business in the world, so it is not easy to maintain a high level of faith. In this time of mass communication, we are all exposed to a steady barrage of doom and gloom from forecasting economists, who use very convincing business statistics and “economic indicators.” We would do well […]

The Money Enigma || EP 1170

There is little likelihood that your life can become fully functioning with prosperity unless you have a positive and creative attitude toward money. It is rare that a day will pass when you will not have some kind of monetary involvement with the world. You may go into the day with the highest intention to […]

Discover The Wonder Of Giving || EP 1164

In an episode devoted to the theme of prosperity, it might be assumed that the emphasis would be on “how to get.” Perhaps by now you will understand why I say that such an emphasis is not only grossly materialistic, but it is also extremely misleading. Any study of prosperity fails unless it teaches you […]

How To Reverse Financial Adversity || EP 1163

It is a chaotic world and we all face financial adversity. From crashing markets, to inflation, to unemployment. How do we deal with financial adversity?  How do we reverse it? Take a careful look at the challenges you are facing: a possible layoff, an important career decision, the inability to make ends meet on your […]

Working And Prosperity || EP 1157

Why do you work? You may smile at the question, for it seems perfectly obvious that everyone works to make a living. However, if this is the only reason you can come up with, then it is one of the errors that needs to be unlearned. It is an attitude that may well be frustrating […]