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The Starburst Meditation || EP 1367

You shine like a star. You are the sun. With this meditation I guide you into a state of absolute bliss in which the light is bursting from you. This is very powerful and will enhance your power and your manifestations. This particular technique of guidance and breathing allows for a magnification of the light […]

Guided Meditation -Transmuting Chaos Into Light || EP 1240

The events of the world can be ovewhelming, wars, disease, hunger, poverty. It can be debilitating and troubling to deal with the darkness in the world. In a recent interview Matt Kahn taught me an amazing way to deal with the chaos of the world with the powerful affirmation Thank you for reminding me of […]

Guided Meditation The Rainbow Light Manifestation Meditation || EP 981

In this meditation I take you on a journey to a sacred, luminous rainbow and bathe in its light. Using this special enhanced light will empower your manifestations to create any reality that you want. The New Earth Activation trainings – Immerse yourself in 12 hours of content focused on the new earth with channelings, […]

Guided Meditation Opening The Inner Gateway To Infinite light || EP 816

This meditation is meant to open the gateway within you to infinite light.  Inspired by Pleidian channelings this will  you  and using your energy and awareness this will open the doorway to infiinite light Alternate Universe Reality Activation  get full access to new meditations, new lectures, recordings from the reality con and the 90 day […]

Guided Meditation Become The Light || EP 492

You are light, all around you is light vibrating becoming matter.  The intention of this meditation is for you to become the light and then express the light to change your soul and the world around you. Become the light. Music By Mettaverse Travel Light Golden Lotus Subtle  energy Solar winds Skyward healing restorative music […]