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Guided Meditation – Behold I Make All Things New || EP 1233

This meditation was inspired by the powerful affirmation given by Paul Selig and his guides in his most recent book resurrection. Declaring these words has been like a lightning blast. When I declared these words I experienced a powerfully transcendant shift in my reality.   Say this and declare this with me: I am choosing […]

Guided Meditation – Happily Ever After Wish Fulfilled Bliss Harmony || EP 1220

This meditation is designed to create a wonderfully perfect future in which you experience your happily ever after in bliss fulfilled harmony using affirmation and quantum codes. Please check out my previous episodes that discuss what these codes are and how to use them Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic and Energy Activation Through […]

Guided Meditation Quantum Codes For Shifting Realities || EP 1206

Here using quantum codes and grabovoi codes I help you to shift into a parallel reality. Please check out my previous episodes on art magic and grabovoi and quantum codes for a deeper discussion of what these codes are and how they work. I included The Quantum Healing Codes 42 88 112 to heal timeline […]