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Robert B Stone Ways To Magnify Your Magic || EP 1540

You are magic. You have always had it. You were born with it. You will have it when you leave this temporary residence we call Earth. We don’t learn it in school; we don’t hear it taught at the university level; we don’t hear it in houses of worship. It is only hinted at. So […]

Robert B Stone How Will You Get Along With The Aliens || EP 1407

This fascinating chapter comes from the fascinating book HOW TO BENEFIT FROM THE COMING ALIEN ARRIVALS  by Robert B Stone You and I are Johnny-come-latelies. If you compress the history of planet earth into one year, life did not appear until May or June. Homo Sapiens did not appear until about 11 P.M. on December […]

Robert B Stone Manifest Your Ideal Self || EP 1385

What is your vision of yourself? What are your thoughts right now about your beliefs, your capabilities, and your health? How do you see yourself today? The answers to this question today determine how you will be tomorrow. The reason is that these answers comprise the climate in which your brain and body cells are […]

Robert B Stone Mind Over Money || EP 1373

In this episode, you learn to use the alpha (relaxed) level of mind to trigger a flow of limitless money into your life. Because psychotronic energy is at work, the money can come from many different directions. You learn to focus this energy on your business and cause steady improvement without limit, to climb the […]

Robert B Stone How To Use Metaphysical Power To Make The Right Decisions || EP 1082

Many people who have studied metaphysics and started to use it successfully have changed their lifestyle. Things seem to drop away from them that seemed quite important not too long before. Some give up smoking. Some cut down on drinking to only an occasional glass of wine. Some no longer enjoy steak, roast beef, and […]

Robert B Stone How Your Hands Crackle With The Energy To Make Wishes Come True || EP 932

In this episode you learn how to focus psychotronic energy with your fingers to be like a genie for anyone you wish to help and how each time it focuses higher voltage for greater “miracles” for yourself. You learn finger pointing techniques, for laser-like power. You learn to receive valuable information through your hands via […]

Robert B Stone – Using Psychotronic Power To Overcome Superhuman Obstacles || EP 898

In this chapter you learn how to help overcome natural scourges whether ants in your kitchen or scavengers on your farm. You can control the weather, if you really must, even predict earthquakes and natural disasters in plenty of time to take life-saving steps. Finally, you learn ways to solve seemingly super-human problems quickly and […]

Robert B Stone – Richness Of Mind || EP 751

Money is the symbol of abundance. The flow of money into and out of men’s lives is probably, next to love, man’s greatest concern. This concern for money seems to have a strange effect: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This has been recognized even as far back as the writing of […]

Robert B Stone How To Get Power From Nature Wherever You Are || EP 753

Have you ever relaxed from stress by taking a walk in the park? Have you ever been invigorated by a swim in the lake or ocean? Have you ever been inspired by mountain vistas? Well, then you know some of the powers that nature has to contribute to your wellbeing. What most people don’t know […]

Robert B Stone How To Benefit From The Coming Alien Arrivals || EP 702

This is a fascinating discussion of extraterrestrials and how to prepare for their coming arrival by none other than Robert B Stone.  This discussion is super fascinating. “We approach the most awesome and explosive development in recorded human history. There are people who will not be affected to such a degree. You are one. You […]