Robert B Stone – Using Psychotronic Power To Overcome Superhuman Obstacles || EP 898

In this chapter you learn how to help overcome natural scourges whether ants in your kitchen or scavengers on your farm. You can control the weather, if you really must, even predict earthquakes and natural disasters in plenty of time to take life-saving steps. Finally, you learn ways to solve seemingly super-human problems quickly and easily.

This book comes from a wonderful compilation of Robert B Stones teaching on wealth and prosperity called the Richness Of Mind

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Below are the books available in paperback and e-book editions. Several are available as audiobooks and you can hear excerpts of many on YouTube. For more information and a complete list of books by Robert B. Stone,

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1. The Magic of Psychotronic Power

2. The Power of Miracle Metaphysics

3. The Silva Mind Control Method for Getting Help from the Other Side

4. How to Gain Strength from Nature Sitting in Your Living Room

5. Hypno-Cybernetics

6. Life Without Limits

7. The Complete Book of Life-Changing Affirmations

8. The Silva Mind Control Method for Business Managers

9. Celestial 911

Stone was author and co-author of over 80 published books, most notably on self-help and powers of the mind. His most best-selling book was “Martinis & Whipped Cream” (1966) with coauthor, hypnotist Sidney Petrie. That book was significant in the history of dieting.

Dr. Stone was an internationally known lecturer on the human potential. He taught for many years at the University of Hawaii on activating the powers of the mind. A MENSA member and graduate of MIT, Dr. Stone was elected to the New York Academy of Science. A Silva Method lecturer for 20 years and Ambassador-at-Large, he introduced the Silva Method to five nations and was honored with many Silva awards. He counseled hundreds of individuals around the world in self-healing, human relations, and problem-solving. He served as a volunteer advisor with SCORE of the U.S. Small Business Administration, President of the Honolulu Lodge of the Theosophical Society, and member of the Good Samaritan Advisory Board. He started a public relations practice on Long Island, New York, serving Boards of Education, businesses, and non-profit organizations, and was Editor of the Huntington Times.

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