Robert B Stone How To Use Metaphysical Power To Make The Right Decisions || EP 1082

Many people who have studied metaphysics and started to use it successfully have changed their lifestyle. Things seem to drop away from them that seemed quite important not too long before. Some give up smoking. Some cut down on drinking to only an occasional glass of wine. Some no longer enjoy steak, roast beef, and hamburgers, and seem to lean more to fish and poultry. Some cut down on office time and try to spend more time out of doors. Some watch less television, spending that time in some other quiet way. I’m not talking about three-pack-a-day smokers, potential alcoholics, or extremists in any of these matters. They probably would not have been attracted to metaphysics in the first place. It is the moderates that give way to change.

Why? I believe it is due to their increased attunement to the Universal or Cosmic Consciousness. They naturally want for themselves what nature wants for them. Excessive drinking has always been known to be a risk. However, only in the past decade has smoking been officially recognized as “dangerous to health.” Now, the chemicals injected in beef are under increasing suspicion and the emissions of television tubes are being judged more soberly. As to artificial light versus natural light, the recent findings are even more dramatic. Apparently, man needs the full spectrum of the sun’s light in order.

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1. The Magic of Psychotronic Power

2. The Power of Miracle Metaphysics

3. The Silva Mind Control Method for Getting Help from the Other Side

4. How to Gain Strength from Nature Sitting in Your Living Room

5. Hypno-Cybernetics

6. Life Without Limits

7. The Complete Book of Life-Changing Affirmations

8. The Silva Mind Control Method for Business Managers

9. Celestial 911

Stone was author and co-author of over 80 published books, most notably on self-help and powers of the mind. His most best-selling book was “Martinis & Whipped Cream” (1966) with coauthor, hypnotist Sidney Petrie. That book was significant in the history of dieting.

Dr. Stone was an internationally known lecturer on the human potential. He taught for many years at the University of Hawaii on activating the powers of the mind. A MENSA member and graduate of MIT, Dr. Stone was elected to the New York Academy of Science. A Silva Method lecturer for 20 years and Ambassador-at-Large, he introduced the Silva Method to five nations and was honored with many Silva awards.


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