Global Guided Meditation For Love And Light Meditation || EP 690

Meditation starts 1:10 ?

This powerful meditation is designed to increase the light and love in your life and when done in groups it will massively increase the love and light around you and on the planet as a whole.  Collectively one of the most powerful thing we can do is to project and spread love and light on the planet.  This heals all wounds, raises the vibration and changes the world.  The more love and light you send out the more love and light flows through you.

Love and light is not just some vague new agey thing.  As explained in the law of one material it is a real and powerful part of the universe and you can raise your consciousness and change the planet but opening yourself to the love and light and directing it through the heart.

When we do this together anything is possible.

Welcome To The Reality Revolution

Music by Mettaverse

rhythm and flow

awakening from maya


schumann resonance

infinite light

equilibrium of mind body and sould

deep dream

sound medicine

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