U.S. Andersen The Mystery Of The Mind || EP 691

How accustomed we are to regarding mind objectively! How conditioned we are to thinking of mind as brain, an isolated accumulation of gray protoplasm two inches behind our foreheads! We give our approval to scientific techniques which trace out brain convolutions and nerve networks and tell us of the storage compartments of memory, the cellular seat of reason, the pulpy mass that gives rise to imagination, the spinal network of conditioned responses. These, we say, are mind-these arrangements of matter which we generally investigate in dead persons or in partially inanimate ones.

Yet how far from truth this is! No one has ascertained the quality and quantity of “I’ by investigating nerve tissue under a microscope! The impact and mystery of self-consciousness, the personal “I am,” has never yielded its secret to the surgeon’s knife or the biologist’s probings. To objectively state that the body has a nerve center called brain does not bring man one step closer to an understanding of his own self-existence, a thing of such stuff as dreams are made, of which brain and nerve and tissue are but a result and never a cause.

If we have lost you now, it is only because your conception of the final reality of the physical world is so strong that for the moment it will not dissolve before your efforts to free your mind. If you are floundering, wondering whether this is dream or substance, fact or fiction, simply keep your resolve and your faith. You could scarcely learn to speak a new language in several months, and this language transcends all others. Be assured of this: all the mystery and complexity will disappear. As you continue to study and meditate, you will one day read again the portions of this book which seemed complex and will be amazed at how fundamental and simple they seem to you. For you are gathering from each podcast far more than you know, coming closer to an understanding of your true self, breaking down the finite bounds in your thinking, undergoing an expansion in power and conception that you may as yet be unaware of. Yet you can be sure that when the last episode reveals the metaphysical secret which is so simple and yet so difficult to grasp there will be meaning and power in everything that you have heard.

So let us stand for the moment on the conclusion that there is but one power behind the entire universe which is everywhere at all times and is the substance from which all things are made.

Uell Stanley Andersen (also known as U.S. Andersen and Uell S. Andersen) (September 14, 1917 – September 24, 1986) was an American football player and self-help and short story author during the 1950s and 1960s. He is best known for his book, Three Magic Words.

In Three Magic Words, Andersen makes the argument that the physical world is derived from the mental. He argues that a sustained mental image, if backed by faith (i.e. a belief that the image is real, or will become real), will become reality.


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