Egregores And Pendulums || EP 689

After researching the concept of pendulums in reality transurfing I began to question whether they were conscious. In the process I began researching the concept of egregores in occult literature. What I found really expanded my understanding of this powerful concept.

On an energetic level a structure appears when a group of people think in the same way, as a result of which, the parameters of their thought energy are identical. 

Their thought energy finally unites into a single current. When this happens, as if in the middle of an entire ocean of energy, a separate, independent energy-information structure is created which is referred to as an energy pendulum. 

Eventually this structure begins to live its own life and subjugate to its laws the very people who created it. 

The structure is referred to as a pendulum because the more people–adherents–that feed it with their energy, the more powerfully it sways. 

Every pendulum has its own characteristic beat frequency. For example, if you want to get a swing moving you have to push it to a certain rhythm or frequency. 

Although the term egregore is unique to Western esoteric and occult practices, the ideas it embodies are not. In fact they are widespread, and in some form they are the basis of all spiritual and magical practices across the globe. Among the most powerful of religious egregores in the world today are those of Islam and Buddhism; but Tibetan Buddhism in particular has provided us with the most potent glimpses of this ancient practice on an organized and national level, well into the twentieth century.

The conecpt of egregores is discussed in a variety of places here I go deep on the subject.


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