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How To Unleash Your Secret Mental Powers || EP 1331

Frank Rudolph Young had a unique writing style and here I share his writings on how to unleash our secret mental powers You can change your life for the better here and now. What would happen if we increase the use of our brain power.   Vast strides of progress, greater imagination, inventions await if […]

Harold Sherman – The Power Of Visualization || EP 1096

WHEN YOU PLAN something in advance that you hope to accomplish, you are actually creating that something in your mind. It will ultimately be just as perfected in consciousness as your past accumulated experience and acquired ability, applied to this objective, can make it.   The Creative Power within can only help materialize for you […]

Opening The Minds Eye – Visualization Techniques || EP 836

Many people struggle with visualization.  Many people just see fuzzy images and really cannot create visualizations of things they want.  Many are unable to create even simple objects in their mind. This may be one of the reasons many are unable to manifest what they want. This episode goes deep on visualization.  We try to […]

Understanding How To Use Slides And Visualization in Reality Transurfing || EP 106

This episode continues a series in which I do deep dives on different chapters of Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. In this episode, I dive into chapter 8 Slides which a wonderful chapter which really outlines an advanced model of visualization which is much more effective and nuanced than most visualization strategies. You may have […]