Understanding How To Use Slides And Visualization in Reality Transurfing || EP 106

This episode continues a series in which I do deep dives on different chapters of Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. In this episode, I dive into chapter 8 Slides which a wonderful chapter which really outlines an advanced model of visualization which is much more effective and nuanced than most visualization strategies.

You may have worked on visualization before with little to no results. This may have to do with the way you are doing it.

Slides distort your perception of what other people think about you. A slide is a distorted picture of reality. A slide is something you carry around in your brain that others do not have in theirs. For example, you might consider your looks to be insufficiently attractive. If the thought does not particularly bother you then no distortion is created. Things are what they are. The issue is not so much what you think of your personal appearance, so much as the wider influence the corresponding slide can have on your life. If you are worried about your appearance you will create a slide in your head that reads: “I am not beautiful (handsome)” and you will look at the external world through the slide as through a filter. The corresponding image is a slide because it exists solely in your own thoughts.

So first you have to understand your own negative slides and then embrace positive slides to distort your reality in a positive way.

Once you understand how slides work you can create your own slides that can completely transform your reality.

The slide should not be seen as an external moving picture. You have to be inside the events of your imagination: what you are doing when the goal was achieved, what you are feeling, your immediate environment and anything else that is happening. When you place yourself at the center of the slide you can imagine yourself with everything you strive for.

There is a lot of information in this chapter and I learned a lot. This is a great chapter which we transform your understanding of the reality transurfing model.

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Welcome to the reality revolution. I’m your host, Brian Scott and this is dedicated to all those spirits out there who believe life is meant to be magical and fun. Here we’ve ventured to share the very mysteries of self and reality. My purpose is to help light that spark inside of you to reawaken your sense of fascination and awe towards the world. I’m going to try to help you hack reality and unleash your potential and open unlimited possibilities of wealth, health and relationships in your life. Welcome eternal reality surfers. On today’s episode I will continue my series where I’m doing deep dives on different chapters of reality, Trans Surfing and I’m going to cover something I haven’t really covered much of on the reality Revolution and that the Trans Surfing concept of slides, the chapter on slides is awesome because it really gives a more specific example of how to visualize and what to visualize and how illusions work and how distortions work and this information is very applicable on a regular basis, especially when you meditate and so I was really excited. I think this is going to really help are meditation’s out because it’s a way of visualizing that is as much more easy to understand why it would work. It’s kind of the science of the law of attraction. When you first learned about the law of attraction in in the secret and then they tell you just to visualize something that you want that you’re inside of it but they don’t explain what it is you’re visualizing or the proper process of it. And so a lot of times you’ll end up end up visualizing the wrong thing. For instance, if you visualize that year you have a bag of money, next thing you know you’re watching TV and you see a bag of money. So understanding this also helps us to understand the trends surfing model and once you apply this stuff it’s incredible. So I’m going to go through the chapter and in make my comments as we go, but it’s chapter eight slides and the, the key term here is you deserve the best and there’s some huge learning curves that you have in this chapter. They talk about widening your comfort zone, which is something I see for a lot of people. They’re not willing to allow for true success in their lives and the visualizing the goal and the process of visualizing and transfer chains, which is something I really want to cover. So the chapter begins okay with illusion. Trans Surfing suggests that we should be careful when tempted to interpret delusion as pure fantasy of the mind, dreams, hallucinations, psychotic reality, perception and even reality itself are all generally referred to as illusion with the exception of psychosis. The perception of a different reality is more than just a fantasy of the mind, dreams and hallucinations or experienced as a result of the soul’s journey through the alternative space. Illusory perceptions of reality are often experienced when we glimpse other sectors of the information field that have not yet been streamed into the pathways of material reality. And finally, reality itself is no illusion. Anyone bold enough to claim that all they perceive is nothing more than an illusion has too high an opinion of themselves. For some reason, man has assumed that he must be capable of understanding and providing a rational explanation for all natural phenomena, when in fact, we are only capable of understanding some of the laws of the universe and some of life’s, many manifestations for not all natural phenomena are subject to rational explanation. On the one hand, declaring that some of the things that we witness our illusions is an acknowledgement of our failure to provide a logical explanation for everything. And yet on the other hand, the capacity of the intellect is overestimated in the claim that the illusion is generated by the brain or imagined by the mind. When people are under the powerful influence of drugs or alcohol, they lose control of their awareness as we do in dreaming. I look back on my life and I go back 15 years ago when I was drinking heavily, and that’s the thing that that saddens me the most is how I lost my awareness when I started to drink. And so do you have something that takes away your awareness physically? Have you looked at those things? When this happens, when we lose our awareness, the subconscious mind becomes attuned to unrealized areas of the alternative space. Perception roams the virtual sector. While the body remains in the physical sector, I. E. The material world, we may walk along familiar streets and buildings, but see things in a distorted light. People and places will look strangely different because the scenery has changed becoming half dream and half reality. Similarly, psychotic patients may perceive an unrealized sector of the field whilst their body is present in a realized sexter sector. In this case, the individual’s perception is attuned to a sector. In the alternative space, we’re not only the scenery is different, but the scripts and roles have also changed. People with mental health issues are not necessarily ill in the normal sense of the word. It is assumed that a patient simply imagines themselves in the role of a Napoleon or other ods personality, but they may in fact be experiencing an alternative reality. The alternative space contains infinite possible realities. Most, the individual simply chooses the alternatives they feel most drawn to when the conflict between heart and mind reaches its peak and the tortured soul can no longer bear the harshness of physical reality. Personal perception usually ends up in a virtual sector of the information field leaving the body to continue living out its existence in the material sector. A psychiatrist once shared the story of a female patient who suffered a pathological desire to have the ideal husband and children expressed using the terms of Trans Surfing. They importance the poor woman had attributes to having the ideal family was right off the scale. In the end, she married a man who brutally abused her and was herself unable to conceive a child. Real life became unbearable and the woman ended up in a psychiatric unit having lost all awareness of the materialized sector of the alternative space. Her body remained in the material world, but her awareness had a tuned to a virtual sector of the alternative space in which she was idyllically happy playing the role of wife to an English lord and the mother to her perfect children. The women’s perception was totally focused on a virtual sector of the field and yet to all intent and purposes, she appeared to be living in the same material world as everyone else. So as that is what is, that’s what’s happening when certain people go crazy and they have distorted views of reality thinking, they’re in a different time or a different place, it’s possible. I’m sure that this has not been given as an explanation by psychologists or psychiatrists that in fact is a matter of reality that’s encroaching and that people can access virtual sectors of the field. I mean, there’s some pretty good ones out there. Right, and how real is that virtual sector? I mean, does it matter if it’s virtual, if you experience it as a real [inaudible], he asks, why is it that virtual sectors of the field there too, the focus of the mentally ill are not transformed into physical reality. Doctors try to help psychiatric patients with contemporary medicine, but many pain patients are actually happier living in an illusory world, which they find a great deal more pleasurable than the physical reality they previously had to endure. What these people are experiencing is not reality and illusion as such, but an unrealized alternative of reality which exists in the information field just as fully as the sector that exists as a physical manifestation. As we’ve already said, an alternative reality is transformed into physical reality when thought energy is programmed in a state of complete harmony between heart and mind. Obviously it is not possible for a psychiatric patient to embody this kind of connection. Perhaps the distortion between the material and virtual sectors is too great and so it required too much energy to realize the virtual sector in the material plane. So That’s interesting. So remember this quote for other purposes, for people out there that are trying to do big time changes in their reality, remember that that nature and the natural, the nature of balance, everything’s going to move towards the easiest possible way, the lowest energy output. And so if there’s a huge transformation in reality that would be required to move to a virtual sector, then it’s more difficult to do. And he’s saying that can affect the ability of it to happen. That is why going with the flow is so important that when we talk about that in previous episodes because of the energy output, so finding that transfer chain with the lowest energy output, which we’ll talk about in a second, the contemporary Napoleon for example, would be an extraordinary occurrence and an alternative reality that lies far beyond the potential limits of the alternatives flow. So yeah, if you imagine that you are Napoleon living in Napoleon’s time, the reality around she’s not going to transfer to that. There may also be other reasons that we are currently unaware of as well as perceiving alternative realities. We are also capable of experiencing a false distorted perception of our physical reality. The person’s manner of perception greatly depends on the information they have absorbed in childhood. In a well known experiment, two kittens were kept in different environments. One kitten was kept in an environment that contained no vertical objects and the other in an environment that contained no horizontal objects. And after some time the kittens were both brought into an ordinary room and the first kitten was constantly bumping into chair legs because in its perception, vertical lines simply did not exist. And the second kitten who could not comprehend the phenomenon of horizontal lines constantly slipped down the stairs. So what is it in your life that you have program? It creates some kind of distortion and affects your ability to go up the stairs. Of course, the mind is capable of great imagination and fantasy, but only within the relatively narrow limits of its accumulative experience. The mind can only construct a new model of a house from the bricks of a previous design. So where is the line between imagination and actual perception of another reality? It is a fine line that has no concrete boundaries, and yet this have no great relevance to the purpose of this book. What is important, however, is how our internal beliefs affect our perception of reality and how this reflects on a person’s life. So next he explores what lies at the root of a distorted perception of reality and how strongly this distortion can influence the shape of one’s physical reality. The next sections is called distorting reality. No individual is capable of totally objective perception of the [inaudible] the world around them. It is like inserting a slide into a video projector. Do you remember the slide projectors? Eh? No. A lot of people don’t. They’re going to use their phone for some slideshow. But do you remember those old slide projectors where you had these little slides that you would put in and you would show pictures? People would sit around, come back from a vacation and they would look at the slide projector. So I think the concept of slides is first of all begins with this idea of the slide as the video projector and those are things that go way back. Like in the sixties and seventies we would, you know, in the 80s I remember my parents watching slides at home of different trips that they had gone on. But in terms of the slide projector, Zeeland is saying that [inaudible] uniform light [inaudible] passes through the film and is transformed into an image that becomes visible on the screen. So metaphorically speaking, the light represents the world around us and the slide represents our worldview, the model of our understanding of the world. And the image on the screen is our perception of things. So this is more than just a picture that we’re looking at when we’re talking about slides. This is our model of understanding the world and our perception and the image on the screen is our perception of things, how individuals perceive themselves and their environment is always relative to the truth. It is our personal slides that introduce the element of distortion. For example, when a person is obsessive only concerned with some symptom or a personal shortcoming, they tend to experience a feeling of inferiority and low self esteem. They also tend to assume that their weakness matter to other people as much as they do to themselves. So when they’re communicating with others, they insert an inferiority complex slide into their projector, which makes them see things in a distorted light. They think they’re ugly, they put the slide on that they’re ugly and that is the first thing they’re thinking of. And I know that we’ve all done this. We have filtered things so we could call this slide of filter, but he’s using light and I think that’s part of it. You might example be worried about how you’re dressed. It might not even seem to you that or other people are looking at you with disdain or sneering at you. However, the people around you will not be thinking anything of the sort. The negative thoughts are all in your own head, in the form of a slide which distorts your picture of reality. And as a rural, most people are 90% preoccupied with thoughts of their own person. Even if you’re sitting through a job interview, you can be certain that the interviewer is thinking more about how well they are playing their own role than they are about the suitability of the interview. And I love that and it’s true. Everybody listening to this out there and watching this, they’re thinking about themselves. We all are at something that we should assume and so when you’re sitting around and you’re thinking that people are thinking about you and making judgements about you, 90% of the time you’re wrong and you can create problems in assuming these kinds of things, even in a job interview slide to distort your perception of what other people think about you. A slide is, is a distorted picture of reality. A slide is something you carry around in your brain. The others do not have in theirs. For example, you might consider your looks to be insufficiently attractive if the thought does not particularly bother you that no distortion is created, things are what they are. The issue is not so much what you think of your personal appearance so much as the wider influence of the corresponding slide can have on your life. If you’re worried about your appearance, you will create a slide in your head that reads, I am not beautiful or handsome and you will look at the external world through the slide as through a filter. The corresponding image is a slide because it exists solely in Europe. Own thoughts [inaudible] so remember this key point only potential partners, a very small percentage of the people you come into contact with actually evaluate attribute importance to your external appearance. No one else particularly notices what you look like. If you do not me ask the severest arbitrator. You know yourself, how much the outward appearance of people you meet matters to you. If they’re not part of your immediate circle as a potential partner or competitor, it probably does not even occur to you to question whether you find these people attractive or not. Other people think the same way or do not think at all with regard to yourself. Even if you think you you’re ugly, you can be certain that this same principle applies. Ugliness makes an impression only in the first moment of meeting, but after that ceases to attract attention like any other part of the scenery. So let us suppose that you’ve inserted a slide into a metal projector, not mental metal relating to your seemingly unattractive appearance. You won’t perceive other people’s behavior, be it a look facial expression or other aspect of body language through the perspective of this slide, what will you see as a result? You’ll see us sneer in a welcoming smile and hear mockery in the sound of happy laughter. You’ll be convinced that quiet whispering in other people’s gossiping about you, a random glance is interpreted as [inaudible]. As in the scans. Look, all someone has to do is wince from indigestion and you think, Lord, what must they be thinking of me? Finally, any compliment makes you feel patronized. Yet people will be thinking nothing of the sort. It will all be in your head fashioned by a slide of your own making. So putting the comments, are you one of those people that have ever in the past put a slide through and filtered yourself to judge your appearance? On some level and you were incapable of really meeting people who are enjoying the experience because you had prejudged yourself through a filter and a slide. How did you create the slide when you did that? How did it get put in and how can you take it out? Your behavior is also affected by your thoughts, which can make you genuinely unattractive. You start making awkward gestures with your hands knowing where to put them. Your face will become distorted by tension and all intelligent thought will disappear as the inferiority complex claims the seat of domination in your mind and as a result, the slide in your imagination is played out in the material dimension. The action of slides is twofold. Firstly, their bias skews the perception of your true place in the world and how others relate to you. Secondly, did they distort your perception of the external world? In addition, people have a tendency to perceive the self-deprecating qualities of their own slides in the people around them. For example, when a person dislikes certain innate qualities in their own character, they try to hide them so they will not have to look at that part of themselves, and yet it is impossible to conceal an unsightly slide. It sits in the person’s head doing its own thing. If you buy in to the basic illusion that others think and act just as you do, you will tend to perceive in others the qualities you dislike in yourself, I. E. Hang your projections on others. A projection is when a person’s dissatisfaction with self that has been forced into the subconscious pours out on to others. No one wants to criticize themselves for their own unacceptable attributes, and so they tend to score, ascribe them to other people. Instead, people are often quick to criticize others for the very things they dislike in themselves. You’ve probably [inaudible] done the same thing yourself without being aware you were doing it. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that whenever a person blame someone for something negative, they necessarily embody the same quality themselves, but this often is the case. Observe yourself. The position of the inner guardian in role-plays will enable you to quickly tell whether someone is trying to have hang a projection on you. If someone is unfairly accusing you of something or accusing you of being something that you’re not, ask yourself whether person embodies the same trait themselves. It is probable that they do because if you’re genuinely not guilty of what you’re being accused of, the accuser probably has a slide in their own head that is projecting it’s im image onto. So this idea of protecting your image from your mind onto someone else somewhat correlates to the idea that we are all ourselves pushed out and they definitely liked it. Discuss the conjunction with that and the disc conjunctions by rail transportation. What serves as the foundation for the slide? What film road does it belong to? The answer is important. You keep coming back to importance. You worry about your outward appearance because it is important to you. The slide lives in your head alone. Given that your appearance does not matter to anyone else for any particular reason. Ugliness or physical deformity is just part of the scenery. To everyone else because to them it is. I have no personal significance. Other people note the appearance as unusual, but nothing more. It is the biased slide of importance that claims and unusual appearance to be ugly. Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, the famous French painter, broke both of his legs in childhood and was physically handicapped for his entire life was growing up. Love Trek suffered depression caused by realization of his own ugliness. As the years passed, his physical deformity became all the more evident causing him to suffer even more deeply. There came a point at which his distress reached its peak and lethargic was forced to accept the inevitable. He finally overcame the limitations of his deformity and threw himself into life. As soon as he let go of the importance of his condition, the slide ceased to exist and good fortune came his way. Aside from realizing his talent as a painter, he also extremely popular with the ladies with trek was one of the founders of the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris. He was loved by many women and not only for his paintings. Slides are created when you attribute too much meaning to other people’s opinions of you. If it matters to you what other people think of you and you do not know what their opinions are exactly a slide, we’ll take firm root in your mind. The slide is a product of the imagination and so it can be called an illusion and yet it is an illusion that can deeply affect a person’s life. Slides are one example of how outer intention can act to your detriment irrespective of your personal [inaudible]. Well, slides are an example of how it inner outer intention can go against your will, so just remember that these slides are important. Outer intention, the world around you can change because of your slides. As a rule, a negative slide is generated by unity between the heart and mind. [inaudible]. As you may remember, outer intention works flawlessly under these conditions. It catches the owner of the negative slide and carries them to a sector or the content of this slide is expressed to its full extent. The transition does not take place straight away. It is a gradual and consistent process which should last for as long as the slide remains in the person’s mind. The light strokes, a person’s sketches on to their negative slide when they first get a whiff of importance become sharper and eventually end up larger than life. If a person hates being plump, they will continue to put on weight and if a Perth mirth bothers you, them it will continue to get bigger. If a person considers themselves basically inadequate, they will quickly receive confirmation that this is the case. The more a person worries about being unattractive, the greater the problem will become just as a person tortured by feelings of guilt, we’ll find punishment to be forthcoming and plentiful. [inaudible] the behavioral pattern will continue until such time as the person stops ascribing this slide such great importance or switches to creating a positive slide. As soon as importance disappears, the negative slide loses its foundation crumbles and ceases to function. All you have to do is insert a positive colored slide and you’ll see that it works. Just as far as Leslie as a negative one, focus on the most positive sides of your personality and people will perceive you in that light. This is the other positive aspect of slides which can and should be exploited, so part is positive slides. We got to use positive slides in our meditation and how can I do it in a trench surfing way? Well, let’s look at this next section. When you concentrate your attention on the unwanted parts of yourself that you would rather conceal or be rid of altogether, you create a negative slide. The task in this case is to switch your attention to the qualities you do like about yourself and other attributes you would like to acquire as we have shown previously. It is not possible to totally disguise your imperfections, but if you want to, you can easily emphasize and develop your strengths and your virtues. First of all, you should take stock and look at your negative slides. Ask yourself what it is you do not like about yourself. What would you rather hide or be rid of? Slides are created subconsciously, but now you can wake up and consciously look at your negative slides and so we should definitely include that, look at them in the eye. In a conscious state of awareness, negatives, you can easily determine your negative slides are the mind needs to be cleared of negative slides. Why we clear our space of unnecessary junk, but it is much harder to clear the mind up slides than it is to locate them. Clearing a negative slide is not like shaving off a beard, so how can you mood out your negative slides if you have suggestions on how to get rid of negative slides, put them in the comments and I would love to know because I think it’s an ongoing thing that we’re constantly learning about. [inaudible] clearing a negative slide. It’s not like shaving a beard. You have to switch your attention from negative to positive [inaudible] dismiss with a wave of the hand. Anything that has been getting you down and give up the internal battle. Turn your attention away from your shortcomings and your virtues and any other words, positive qualities you would like to acquire. It is or is it important to you to disguise your shortcomings? If so, this is the basis of a negative slide. Is it important to you to make a good impression? If so, this is the foundation of a positive slide. Nothing changes except the focus of your attention and the importance you ascribe to things. Oh, draw yourself as you would wish to see yourself. You do not have to worry about the danger of indulging in self-deception because you’re playing this game consciously battling with your failings. On the other hand, thinking you can hide them or dismantle them by setting personal intentions is self deception. Create a slide where you see yourself shining in all your glory. [inaudible] love the you that you see in the slide. Work on the image, embellishing it with detail. The slide does not have to depict a static image. It can be representation of how gracefully and confidently you move, how elegantly you dress. Your ers, Dittrich cratic manners. Oh, shining wit and charm. How quickly other people warm to you or what? Brilliant problems solving skills you have. Feel the slide into your mind and forward just like a negative slide. A positive slide will directly affect your actions and overall behavior. You will unwittingly, unconsciously begin to adjust to the slide. The main task is for outer intention to fulfill the picture in the slide [inaudible], you have to recreate the picture in your thoughts until the slide dissolves. What I mean by this is that with time the slight will become an integrated part of your personality at which point it will cease to exist. Once you achieve your desire, the slide will cease to be significant. Importance will disappear and the will melt away, but not without first fulfilling its mission. When this happens, the heart will be in harmony with the mind. The slide’s mission cannot fail to be fulfilled because you desire it with both your heart and your mind. When the mind tries to transform a slide into reality by itself, your heart knows that it is just playing a game of masks. On the other hand, if you systematically and consecutively consolidate the slides image in your thoughts, the heart will get used to it and agree to integrate the slide into its essence. [inaudible]. Remember, the outer intention will not realize the slide immediately. It will require time and the effect is gradual. As you can see, it really is not that difficult to achieve the desired result. It is all about the will to have the picture you draw on. Your slides can be connected to any qualities you think you are lacking. However, it is important to be aware of how realistic it is to manifest your slide into physical reality. It is better to start with steps that are realistically achievable than to start by drawing a picture of your absolute ideal. With time you can progress to the closer version of it. One thing you must avoid doing is creating an image that is a copy of someone else you believe already has the qualities you wish to embody. Your slide must be truly yours and not a copy of someone else’s. Whoa. We will return to this idea in more detail in future episodes and for now it is enough to say that any quality you admire will have an aspect to it that can apply to the initial stages. Bravery can be represented by resoluteness beauty, by charm, strength by dexterity, the ability to talk by the ability to listen. Intellectual Loudy by awareness and physical perfection by confidence, by setting realistically achievable goals. You give outer intention the opportunity to fulfill your minimum order more quickly, which means it can then set about realizing more complex tasks. Just give it outer intention, a chance just to deal with something tiny and then the big stuff starts to come after that. Positive slides will take effect more rapidly and effectively. If you interact with people you’ve not met before, hello as they will have no previous conception of you, so especially when you’re meeting somebody new. Try this. Anybody out there that’s listening or watching [inaudible] try this one. Somebody that you meet that’s new, putting on a positive slide, something that’s a distortion could be at an interview, a competition, partier, or some other event. Feed the necessarily. This slide boldly and fearlessly into your mind. Remember the picture on the slide and hold it constantly in your awareness. Indulge yourself and disregard any doubt or wavering that might pop up such as what if it does not work. Avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. Let go of your doubts and anxieties. If your will is to have is strong enough, you will achieve your maximum potential and sometimes even incredible success. Positive slides can be created not only in connection with your personality but in relation to the outside world. This type of slide lets the positive end but blocks the negative out. If you remember in the episode on the way we’re fortunate, we discussed the transmission of positive energy. In any scenario, it is most advantageous to be open to all that is good and to ignore it. Anything that’s bad at an exhibition, you stop to look at the exhibits you find attractive and walk indifferently past the others. The outside world differs from an exhibition in that if you do not pass negativity by indifferently, it will start following you around. By the same token, if you accept it joyfully, the positive will never leave you. It might seem that positive slides [inaudible] or like rose tinted glasses. You ever done that put on an unique pair of glasses and everything is more beautiful around you or looks different. Just that little filter we’ve all played around on Instagram with using editing filters and how something completely changed with a little filter [inaudible] contrary to the established view of things, rose tinted glasses are the invention of pessimists, not optimists. Pessimists are pragmatically fearful of seeing everything in a rosy light and hence instructively worn optimist against doing so, this pragmatism is nothing more than a negative slide. I’m going to be pragmatic. That itself. When you say that is a negative slide, the pessimists cannot allow themselves the luxury of having and so they receive accordingly. There is no need to worry that the positive slide will skew your perception. In the majority of cases, the element of inner control will make sure that any distortion is relatively minor. The distortion brought about by a positive slide will be beneficial as long as you do not go to the extremes of imagining yourself to be a Napoleon. Everything should be approached in good measure, not forgetting the dangers of excess potential. In contrast, the distortion created by a negative slide can do immeasurable harm, but the fact of the distortion is not the primary issue. The main feature of a slide lies in the fact that outer intention will slowly transform it into physical reality. We are playing with magic like redeem. Zeeland says, when we talk about outer intention, we’re talking about magic [inaudible]. Now this next section is a fantastic section, especially when you’re talking about money and prosperity and abundance widening your comfort zone. So question, are you filled with an ambitious desire to become a star or a millionaire? I know a lot of you are, and if so, can you give yourself permission to become one? Can you give yourself permission? Have you given yourself permission to become the star to become the millionaire? Most people believe that fame and money and power are the privilege of the chosen few. But if this is the case, who chooses the chosen ones? Primarily they chose themselves and only later is the choice confirmed by others. [inaudible] if you dream of something but cannot allow yourself to have the dream, it just will not happen. A homeless person may stand in the street, gazing through a window at a Christmas table, but they can allow themselves to sit at the table and eat. Of course, if invited, they would accept. It takes decisiveness to walk into a house and sit at the table. That’s inner intention, but as the homeless person as well aware who would extend such an invitation to them, the Christmas table exists in the layer of someone else’s world. Is the homeless person ready to have this table in their own home, in the layer of their own life? They know that they do not the house or the money or the means to earn it. Outer intention will not give the homeless person anything because at the level of pure common sense, they’re not actually ready to have. Suppose you want to get rich, would you be ready to accept this gift of faith? Of course if someone we’re giving away a spare million, we would all find it in ourselves to accept the gift without any problem. Wealth will not ruin your life as some films with the moral try to teach us [inaudible] but this is not my point. Are you ready to take the million? You’re probably thinking that. I mean that the million must be earned and won. But this is not what I mean either. [inaudible] are you ready to simply choose and allow yourself to have and he puts that in Italics. Allow yourself to have, you have to come to terms with the idea that you will achieve your work goal. If you want to be wealthy but are afraid of walking into expensive shops, you will not achieve your goal. Cool. If you experience discomfort when visiting an expensive shop, it means you’re not ready to give yourself permission to own expensive things. So try this this weekend. Go to a mall nearby with super expensive shops and just walk around there and really go in there with the desire to purchase something. Yeah, don’t purchase anything but go in there with that feeling. The shops. Assistance in such places can tell immediately who they’re dealing with. A potential buyer or window shopper with an empty wallet. A buyer acts as if they’re in control and holds themselves in a calm, confident, and dignified manner. Aware of their right to look around and choose the curious window shopper who is hungry with desire but poor behaves like an unwanted guest. They have a tense, stiff, slightly inhibited manner. They sense the evaluating looks at the shop assistants and all, but apologize for daring to appear in such a prestigious place. The merely curious visitor’s simultaneously creates a whole range of importance, potential desire, envy, feelings of inferiority, irritation, and dissatisfaction. Because not only is the shopper not ready to allow themselves to have all this material, wealth, and luxury, they do not even consider themselves worthy of it. For the mind harps on. None of this is for us. We are poor. We need something a little more modest and the heart takes what the mind tells it literally. [inaudible] give yourself permission to be worthy of the luxury. Mm. You genuinely deserve the best disruptive Penny Jones only instill the idea that you must cut your coat according to your cloth because it is to their advantage to keep you under control. Walk boldly into expensive shops and look at their wares with the manner of an owner and not a servant to a wealthy house. Using self-suggestion to persuade yourself that you can afford to buy expensive things is of course futile. So how can you find a way of believing and giving yourself permission to have, and that’s a real good question. It’s easy to say, you gotta give yourself permission. I give myself permission. So how can we do this? How do we give ourselves permission to have to begin with? Let us distinguish between the realms of inner and outer intention with phrases. Be Willing to give permission. People who were used to thinking in acting within limits of inner intention tend to be quite categorical. I cannot afford this full stop. What else is there to say? Well, it is true that there is not any point in creating, in trying to persuade yourself that you can afford something expensive when all you can feel in your pocket is an empty wallet. Here though we’re talking about something else, inner intention entails the decision to act, to find the money. However, because the money is not there to find the mind announces a pragmatic verdict, you really will not achieve anything at all if you act solely within the realms of inner intention, outer intention will not hand the goods to you on a plate like Mana from heaven either for how can something come to you, if even you will not give yourself permission to have it? Outer intention requires the will to have. In other words, considering yourself a worthy knowing that it all comes down to your personal choice. Without our intention. It is not so much a matter of believing as knowing in your heart. You always doubt that it dream can really come true and so just being willing to take the necessary action is not enough. If you do not actually believe that your dream can come true, you will not feel worthy of it either or you will doubt that the goal is realistic. People who become celebrities and millionaires are no different to the rest of us in their abilities, but they do distinguish themselves in being able to give themselves permission to have things they want. It is essential to give yourself permission to have. The feeling is similar to riding a bicycle without stabilizers for the first time when you suddenly all doubt, hesitation in verbiage disappears leaving nothing but wordless clarity of knowing the feeling of clarity without words. Knowledge without faith. Competence without hesitation comes from the unity that exists between the heart and the mind. When you experience this state, you sense your own oneness with the silent force that rules the universe. This force catches you and carries you into a sector where the subject of agreement between heart and mind can be manifest [inaudible]. Everyone is free to choose whatever they desire, but far from everyone believes in the overriding principle of indulgence and weenie and see, no matter what I say, you may not yet fully believe in freedom of choice because the majority of people still live under the power of pendulums. Life tends to give examples of the opposite. Even if you have freed yourself from the clutches of Pendulums, freedom of choice may still lie beyond the limits of your comfort zone. It seems too unreal to implausible to have freedom of choice. In a world of pendulums and your heart, you probably do not believe that achieving a remote goal is down to personal choice. However, positive slides can help include the implausible into your comfort zone. When the idea that any dream is achievable no longer makes you uneasy, doubt will melt away and faith will be transformed into knowledge. The heart will come into harmony with the mind and the will to have appears is futile to try and convince the heart of anything. The heart does not reason. It just knows the heart can be taught however, and it is capable of embracing a new comfort zone. This requires a slide with the help of slides. Unity between heart and mind can gradually be achieved. The fortress is taken by Lee lengthy siege. Create the dream slide in your mind and hold it in your awareness. Constantly return to the picture you have created again and again. Refine the details, constantly adding new elements to it. Do not look at the slide from the standpoint of the objective observer. Delve into it, live it at least virtually pinch herself every time you find yourself picturing the slide, like an image from a film on a flat screen as this is not very effective. Don’t imagine as a movie you have to mentally play out the scenes experiencing yourself as a direct participant rather than a cinema goer. So I think I’m going to integrate some of my visualization exercises I use on a different episode, which, which embraces eye movements and really focusing on feelings and smells and other things to make it a holographic experience. Whatever you’re doing, conjure up the slide in your mind’s eye as often as you can. You can think about other things, but the picture should always be there in the background. Seeing the slide has to become a habit. A slide will only bring results if it is reproduced systematically over a period of time. Express an active interest in anything that relates to the object of your dream. Absorb all the necessary information, allowing it to penetrate the layer of your world. It helps to play your slide out in real life, at least formally. For example, in these expensive shops, you can practice how you would like to choose. Do not think about the money and do not look at the price tags because money is not the goal so much as you can buy with it. It is enough simply to be around expensive items, to feel the taste of them, to spend time choosing, calmly looking around and evaluating the items on display. Allow all things into your personal space. Look at the items as if you were planning to purchase them soon and not as if they were represented as unattainable luxury. Pretend your own the goods already. You already own them. Let this shop assistants think your potential buyer play at being a buyer who is discerning in their tastes. Another great place to do this is it in real estate. Pretend to be the buyer that works miracles, but you want to be careful not to be superior because that can create it. Balancing forces. By letting these things into layer of your world, you will gradually attuned to a lifeline in which they can be yours. There is no need to be concerned with how the things you want will become yours. [inaudible] if you’re resolute in your desire to have outer intention will without you knowing how. Find a way you would never have suspected and when this happens, do not be surprised. Do not try to convince yourself that it’s a coincidence or show of mysticism. I do not remember now who exactly said coincidence is a pseudonym for God when he does not want to leave his signature. Whenever you feel the slightest sense of awe for the world of your dream, drive the feeling out of your mind. Do not feel awe for the world of the dream. Outer and inner importance are obstacles on the path to the unity of heart and mind. So I guess he’s saying that awe is importance. Okay, this is your world and there is nothing in it that is unavailable to you. The world of your dream should be joyful and at the same time commonplace when something is yours, it seems unremarkable and has an everyday quality to it. So in order to attune yourself to a lifeline that corresponds to your dream, you have to feel as you already have had it. You are consciously playing a game, not just kidding yourself. There is no better example of the will to have than the new Russian billionaires who are now more numerous in Russia than in the developed countries of the West during Perestroika. At the end of the 1980s certain lightweight politicians decided that a socialist economy could immediately be transformed into a market economy if everything were to be privatized. Those who understood the significance of the moment and happened to be right next to the feed box scotch rich straightaway without any particular effort or manpower. Everything that had belonged to the state during the socialist epoch such as oil, gas, gold, and diamonds, as well as various natural industrial and intellectual resources instantly became the property of a small handful of oligarchs. What had been commonly prop property now belonged to a small handful who had never studied business management, unlike the real billionaires who had to actually earn their millions. All those who found themselves close to the feed box had to do was put their hand out and shout mine and then seal it with a legal legal document. On what basis did property that was previously co common come to be owned by this elite group of individuals. This period in Russian history is of course unique, but there are many other talented people around at the time who ended up with nothing. So why these few, the individuals who finally reaped the resources or the ones who gave themselves the permission to have the new found wealthy few suffered. No feelings of guilt. Qualms of conscience, doubt or sense of inferiority. They did not consider themselves in any way undeserving and it never occurred to them to feel guilty for shopping and expensive boutiques. They had the will to have and so dispassionate outer intention gave them what they wanted and get you. I would say this approach is implausible. The next section is visualizing the goal. The Trans Surfing methods proposed for reaching personal goals lie beyond the realms of common sense and conventional world view of all known unconventional methods of visualizing one’s goal has most in common with the methods of trend. Surfing. Visualization involves using the imagination to create a mental picture of a goal in as much detail as possible and carrying the picture in your mind the conventional worldview which say that visualization is a waste of time. It is true that distance is covered by one who walks by the road and not by the one who sits around lost in daydreams. However, imagining a mental picture of the goal has the same deciding weight as the actual process of achieving it. For reasons you are already aware of the one who simply walks the road will achieve average results and live the same life as everyone else making their own fine contribution to the majesty of common sense. In contrast, the pilgrim who has the methods of Trans Surfing at their disposal is capable of achieving the kind of results that common sense can only attempt to explain grasping at the notions of luck, coincidence and fates chosen few from the point of view of Common Sense, Trans Surfing seems to turn everything on its head. The same of course, can be said of common sense from the point of view of tread surfing. If you do not want to live like everyone else, if you do not want to be content with mediocre achievements, if you strive to experience life to the maximum, then you are a pilgrim and Trans Surfing. The pilgrim is not ladies fortunes. Lady Fortune’s chosen one on the contrary, lady fortune is the pilgrim’s choice. You can achieve anything you want if you succeed in toppling the monolith of common sense [inaudible]. This does not mean floating in the clouds. Quite the opposite. It means coming back to earth and grounding because the majority of what we call common sense is nothing of the kind. You will have seen the truth of this several times already and many more unusual ideas awaits you yet we still need to answer the question of why visualization does not always bring about the desired result. I’m sure there’s tons of people out there that first watched the secret and then sat around visualizing things that they wanted and nothing happened and why does that, why is that? And so this really gets to the crux of the problem and if you’ve been searching with law of attraction for a long time or studying visualization, this chapter is very interesting to consider and will change the way that you visualize even dedicated followers of alternative psychology and all things esoteric cannot totally depend on visualization for success. Various visualization techniques exist ranging from quite simple to more complex versions and they all work to varying degrees of success. Sometimes they work and sometimes they do not like me. You may find this level of reliability unsatisfactory, and so I would like to reassure you from the outset that the technique used in trans surfing is slightly different as long as it is practiced according to the rules of Tran. Surfing offers a no fail visualization technique. Okay, so a no fail visualization technique. There are three common types of visualization techniques. The first type is the dream from a PAC practical point of view. This is the weakest and most unreliable form of visualization. There is no harm in dreaming, but in terms of transformation, it is fairly useless. Dreams do not come true as a rule. Those who love to fantasize are not actually expecting their dream to be realized. They might think they do, but deep down they either do not believe it is really, or they lack the intent to have and act. Dreamers look at their dreams in the same way as they gaze at the distant stars. When you hint to them of castles in the sky, they close up like a moisture clamps. It’s shell shut. We’ve my dreams alone. When you define the goal of the dreamer with more precision, you find that it is in fact just the process of dreaming and nothing more. The second type of visualization is the film. I do not mean the kind of film one watches at the cinema, but the kind of film people watch in their mind in relation to their desires. This is different to simply dreaming because the process is initiated consciously. There is the intent to have and to act and one action undertaken includes visualizing the realization of your desire as if you’re watching a film. For example, you want to have your own house and so you imagine the house of your dreams and all sorts of different ways and in all its details I. E. According to all the rules of business visualization in your mind, you’ll probably have a very clear picture of what the House looks like and we’ll hold the image in your mind’s eye every day. If you fulfill this task perfectly, you would expect the desire to materialize, but guess what? You will see much the same or exactly the same house that you imagined, but it will not actually belong to you. It will be a house that belongs to someone else because you got what you ordered. If you work conscientiously on visualizing your perfect house but do not explain to the waiter that that house belongs to you, the waiter will simply carry out your order perfectly. You can end up being so busy with the quality of the visualization process like they teach in the books on the subject that you forget about the most important thing who owns the house. This is the key mistake most people make when they practice this type of visualization. The film remains a film they will never participate in. They end up staring at it like a beggar stairs into a shop window. In the third type of visualization, the person plays a role in the film rather than simply observing it. This type of visualization is much more effective by playing an active role in the visualized material. You set the parameters of your thought energy to the corresponding lifeline. For example, if your goal is to have a new home, there is no point in looking at it in your thoughts as you would at a painting. Create a kind of virtual waking dream. Enter the house, walk through the rooms touching things as you go. Sink into an arm chair across from the fireplace and feel the cozy warmth and the smell of smoke. Put a couple of logs on the fire. Go into the kitchen. Take a look in the fridge to see what you can find. Go to sleep in a comfortable bed. Do you feel relaxed? Sit at the table with your family. Have a house warming party. Move the furniture around. Touch the grass in the garden. Noticing how green and soft it is. Plant some flowers. What are your favorite? Pick an apple from the tree and eat it. Make yourself at home because it is your home. Do not look at it with the eyes of a suffering dreamer with awe as if it were something unavailable or some distant prospect. The House is already yours. Act as if it were real. As you know, the visualization described above represents a slide. This kind of slide will widen your comfort zone and with time is sure to be materialized, although when exactly no one can say you may have to wait a long time. It all depends on how you work with the slide. If all you do is play with it for a while and then forget about it, you will not have much to hope for. There really are no miracles. So I know he may mention it later, but finding that target slide like the house and holding it for 30 minutes, easier said than done. And I definitely am going to be creating a target slide meditation probably about 30 minutes. And the goal of it is just to lock in for 30 minutes a reminder to stay focused on the target slide on. I know a lot of you out there have gone about process of visualizing, visualizing something and what happens is in the middle of it, maybe you get, forget, you forget, you get distracted, something like that. So definitely gonna have meditation to do that. And I think that if we practice visualizing our target slide in the proper manner, on a daily basis, 30 minutes, that we really do move ourselves towards the possibility of achieving that lifeline that we’re visualizing. It is important to remember the following points when working with the slide. Firstly, if you lose passion for your goal, it will dissipate and if you have to force yourself to work with a goal, you will soon become fed up with it. If this is the case, you should ask yourself whether you really need this slide or not. Secondly, it is worth remembering that outer intention does not manifest slides straight away. It gradually brings you closer to the targeted lifelines. It requires patience and perseverance. I talked to so many people that have gone through the process of really trying to dominate, create, and move to a different reality and they give up so quickly. How long is this going to take? Is this going to be a week? I’ve been doing this for a week. I’ve seen nothing. I’ve done this for a month. I’ve seen nothing. Perseverance is essential only in the initial stages. Once visualizing the slide becomes a habit, you will not have to force yourself to remember to do the exercise. Finally, if the goal itself is not your personal goal but a goal mixed up with pendulums, you will not be able to generate the necessary state of unity between the heart and mind required to achieve it. We will talk more about this in the forthcoming episodes. If you strive towards your goal with all your heart, then visualization of the slide will definitely bring results. When you acquire the genuine will to have outer intention, we’ll find a way of realizing your goal. If you think the slide represents the entire method of visualization in trend surfing, you are mistaken. Even a slide of the highest quality can take a long time to materialize, particularly if the goal lies in a fairly remote sector of the alternative space in relation to your current lifeline. The process of reaching the goal however, can be quickened with the help of Trans Surfing visualization techniques and so that is what I have applied some of these additional techniques. We’re going to talk about visualizing the process and transfer chains and if you apply some of these principles should speed up your manifestations that you really amplify them. If anybody has found unique things, practices in visualizing, put them in the calm comments. I’m all, I’m a student of this. I’m fascinated. People are coming up with new things to visualize and new ways to visualize every day and I’m absolutely interested in anything. I have a great video on visualizing the holographically and I utilize neurolinguistic programming and Silva mind control techniques to use eye movements to create visualizations and I may integrate that into the target slide even if much for myself, but I do believe that we need to enhance the visualization details that we use. A lot of times we don’t to consider everything. Let us practice this task a little and imagine that your main goal is to get rich. Isn’t that 90% of us what we’re trying to do in an attempt to reach this goal, you practice visualizing a suitcase stuffed full of notes. You do the exercise according to all the rules of the third visualization type over a relatively long period of time. What will the result be from this practice and when will it show itself? [inaudible] the answer is that there will never be any result. You can practice this exercise every day for the rest of your life and at best you will see suitcases crammed full of money a little more often. Most probably in films, your chances of finding the treasure or winning the lottery are very slim and who wants to rely on chance. You will wonder why this is after all in your thoughts, you constantly open the case, take out the money, rearrange the notes, stroke them and all but eat them. If third type of visualization is more than just a film, what is the problem and what about that all powerful outer intention from the point of view of Trans Surfing, there are two mistakes that undermined the example of visualization shown above. The first is that your true goal is not really a suitcase filled with money. Please mark this down. Come back to this section. Money is an attribute, not a means, and certainly not a goal, and this is a mistake I made. I would always visualize an exact amount of money that I would see in my bank account or specific amount of money and the heart as we have learned so far, the heart and mind when they work together, miracles happen. The heart doesn’t understand money. It doesn’t understand words, it understands feelings and it’s very difficult to create feelings around specific numbers. Money is an attribute, not a means, and certainly not a [inaudible] you will. We will talk more about this later. For now, let’s push your head. The second mistake is that concentrating attention on the end goal will not move you towards that goal unless you are already just one step away from achieving it. So you want to be president, but you’re, you’re homeless right now. The next step would be to get a job. So you have, sometimes people create crazy visualizations and they don’t imagine all the different links between to reach that goal. Everything is possible. Sometimes it takes a little more time. Of course your comfort zone will be widened and outer intention will gradually take effect, but you are not helping it. You have to at least put one foot in front of the other, and yet the fact that you have to act as well as visualize is not the point here. As we are still discussing the practice of visualization until now, experience has told you that if you want to achieve something, you have to focus all your thoughts and efforts on the goal. Now you have to forget this idea. Trans Surfing undoubtedly works, but you have to let go of the commonly held ideas and embrace new ones that may seem a little incredible from a more conventional standpoint. We will explain how visualization and Trans Surfing is fundamentally different to other visualization techniques. As you know, desire is the concentration of attention on a goal. Intention is the concentration of attention on movement towards the goal. The driving force behind any action is intention and not desire, and so what moves you towards the goal is to visualize the process of moving towards the goal. Let me say that again. Visualize the process of moving towards the goal rather than to contemplate the goal itself. Intention becoming realized is a process, not a fixation on one single frame. Although of course that does not mean that the goal cannot be part of the mental picture. The mental pictures of the goal should serve as the background to the central focus, which is the process. Visualization of the process differs from visualization of the goal in the same way that intention differs from desire. Desire is ineffective. We return once again to the example of lifting your arm. Imagine that you want to raise your arm first. Think about the fact that you want to raise your arm and the result of the desire, the ORM in a race position. Now lift your arm at the first stage is strong, but nothing happens. There are simply a statement of the fact of the desire and a mental picture of the goal. The raised arm at the second stage, intention is an action and continues to take effect for the whole time. The arm remains in a raised position. During this process. The goal is understood to be final image towards which one strives, but attention must be concentrated specifically on the process of achieving the goal. Finally, to desire something to imagine oneself at the desired destination is sufficient in the early stages, but to progress any further, you have to move and carry out a concrete process. These comments might seem trivial, but look at the conclusion they prompt us to make. Visualization of your goal is the work of desire, which will not bring you a single step closer to your goal. Your visualization will be effective, will effectively be a dummy run in Trans Surfing. The visualization practice involves imagining a mental picture of the process of moving towards your goal based on the principle that the goal must be reached sooner or later because the power of intention is working. Movement towards the goal does not take place in waking as quickly as it does in dreams, but there is tangible movement. Nonetheless, if you listened to previous episodes, you will learn to see the movement along lifelines. Whenever you’re doing it involves a lengthy process. Visualizing the process will help. This type of visualization method is particularly helpful in creative work or the end goal may not yet have acquired distinct contours. What should be understood by visualization of the process? In this context, you might be working on a piece of artwork and have an idea of the general qualities you wish that piece to convey but not yet know how exactly it will turn out. When you take a break from your work, imagine that the piece you are creating is constantly improving. Today you complete certain details. Tomorrow you plan to add a few new touches. Imagine to yourself that your creation is becoming all the more transformed. You give it ever new qualities and it becomes a work of art in front of your very eyes, your content engrossed in the creative process, watching your baby grow with you. You will automatically know what to visualize in any situation. The secret is to go beyond contemplating the nature of your peace to imagine the very process of its birth, development and perfection. There is no point in assuming that in your mental picture, the creation or artistic piece we’ll sculpt or construct itself. You’re the one creating it and the one and the piece will reach its perfection in your hands. An artist creates and admires their work simultaneously. A perfect example of this is how a mother cares for her child when it is growing up. A mother feeds her child, puts it to bed and imagines her tiny taut continuing to grow with each passing day. She takes care of her child at the same time as constantly confirming her admiration of its beauty. The mother plays with her child constantly giving it instruction. She contemplates her child’s intellectual development anticipating the onset of schooling. As you can see in relation to her child. The mother is not focusing on an end result so much as simultaneously creating and visualizing an ongoing process. The mother does not simply observe her child’s growth. She takes part in it all the time. Imagining the child’s development and the kind of person they will become. If what you are creating is a computer program every day when you finish work, imagine that the program is gradually becoming more effective and easier to use and how the next day we’ll impress everyone with new enhancements. If on the other hand, you’re working on a business project, imagine the innovative ideas suddenly occur to you and that every day you introduce unique proposals, observe the growth of your project and give yourself permission to feel assured that it is being transformed into an example of best professional standards. If you’re working with your body, nourish it as a mother does her child, imagine that your body is gradually acquiring perfect form. Look after it, train it, and then imagine that you’re building more muscle, making your body look more toned. Whatever the focus, visualize the process, visualize the means by which your project will reach completion. Contemplating the end result will expand the limits of your comfort zone. And so in the sense it has value, but visualizing the process of moving towards your goal will significantly quicken the work of outer intention. So the meditation I create, it’s going to include visualizing the process and visualizing the final moving towards the goal and the final goal. If we can do these together in a meditation, I think it’s going to be an amplifier that we can really help, but as many people say, you can do this in a waking and irregular situation all the time. Do not worry if you do not yet know how your goal can be realized. Continue to visualize your slide calmly and systematically. Once the goal fits easily within the limits of your comfort zone, outer intention will present you with a means. There is no need to rush about stressing over how to find a way of achieving your goals. So many people I meet will completely limit their ability to achieve a goal because they just don’t see how it can be done. Forget about worrying about the how and the way. Do Away with importance and trust the alternatives flow. Watch the slide, live it and you will automatically take the right type of action. The method does not stop at visualizing the process either. The material realization of the alternatives space is in ERT like resin, which is why unless you have a Messiah’s mastery of outer intention, the transition has to occur gradually. There’s, you’re not going to wake up in some crazy big gigantic thing’s going to happen. It’s going to be gradual, gradually, not only means continually, but also progressively. This is the secret of the visualization in trend surfing and the final section is transfer chains and I think this is very important and once I took this into consideration, it really helped amplify and speed up my own manifestations. If the realization of your personal goal lies in lifelines, which are quite distant from your current coordinates, it is practically impossible to to attune your energy to these lifelines directly. So you’re sitting there and you say, you want to be the CEO of a company and you’ve never held a job. You being a CEO exists. It’s out there in the information speed. All possibilities are there, but there are a ton of different lifelines and transitions to you becoming the CEO. You might need to get a little education, you might need to meet some people. There might need to be some connections that occur. If all you do is focus on becoming the CEO, you’re missing all the in between parts and it’s much more difficult for outer intention to take you to the place that you want to go. It seems pretty simple to understand and logical, but it’s a big mistake in the law of attraction community. When you read about people trying to find their specific person or trying to achieve certain get make a million, it doesn’t work like that, so there’s a chance what what you’re trying to visualize is in some obscure part of the space of variations. For example, if you’re intending to sit in exam but have absolutely no knowledge of the relevant subject matter, you cannot attune your energy to a lifeline in which you pass the exam with flying colors. If you know nothing about the relevant subject, you will not be able to visualize your answer to a single question. The Path that leads from your current position to your future goal may be quite long, although not necessarily in a temporal sense. It is not only your position that must change, but also your way of thinking, your manner, and perhaps even your character. You cannot attune the parameters of your energy to any level of precision without actually walking the path. If you try to visualize the process of moving towards a very distant goal, you may be tempted to jump ahead and rush events, which is ineffective and leads to frustration and annoyance, which in turn will set balance forces against you. You can play a slide with a mental picture of the distant future in your mind as often as you like. It will not do any harm, but visualizing the process of moving along a part of the path that you would not naturally be treading for a while yet could end up getting you lost. Imagine that you have to head down a winding river. If you had the option, would you not? Would you walk along the river bank instead, pulling the boat behind you and make a shortcut of the winding river bends. If the goal needs to be reached progressively, you will have to work through all the different stages towards it, whether you want to or not. For example, you cannot become a professional in any given field in one fell swoop. You have to first finish your studies, then find work, Polish your professional skills. This consecutive path towards a goal in the alternative space is called a transferred chain. Every link in the chain represents a separate stage because the individual stages are linked together in a chain, it is impossible to move on to any given stage without having completed the one immediately before it. For example, you cannot study for a master’s before finishing your first university degree. Each link in a transfer chain is made up of interconnected and relatively homogenous sectors of the alternative space. The path to the goal is made up of transfer chains and the alternatives flow. The alternative space is inherently an ordered structure, which means if you try to create a path to your goals in an unordered fashion, you will never reach them. You already know that in order to avoid disrupting the balance and losing a sense of the alternatives flow, you have to be careful not to create excess potential. Do not slap your hands on the surface of the water and do not fight against the current. That just leaves one more rule, which is to practice visualizing the process of moving towards your goal at your current stage only. You can picture the end result as often as you like in the form of a slide, but the process should only be imagined within the context of your current link in the transfer chain. There is no need to hurry. Everything happens at the right time and now we can give a final definition of visualization in the Trans Surfing method as mentally picturing the realization process of your current link in the transfer chain. Mentally picturing an image helps to direct thought in a necessary direction. If thoughts are just given a little push, they will continue of their own momentum both in a script. As in dreaming, the goal is achieved by living out the link’s realization process in both thought and action. As you can see, the approach is actually quite straight forward. It is not difficult to determine the separate links in your personal transfer chain. What if the sequence of movements towards the goal is not known to you yet or you have no idea by what means or path as your goal might be achieved? Don’t worry, we will repeat the steps you can take below. If you do not yet know how your goal might be realized, don’t worry. Just continue visualizing your slide calmly and systematically. Once the limits of your comfort zone have been widened enough to embrace the goal, outer intention will offer up a suitable means to achieve it. Things will come. So what they’re saying is this is a completely unbelievable thing that you’re, you’re trying to achieve and what do you do when you really don’t know what to do next? Just continue to visualize and your comfort zone is going to increase in thing, opportunities are going to start to coming to you. That’s outer intention saying, okay, well you to be a CEO, um, there’s this great program that you can afford and you can get your MBA here, that kind of thing. Once the limits of your comfort zone have been widened enough, outer intention will offer up a suitable means to achieve it. There’s no need to stress over finding the right way of achieving your goal. The slide itself will nudge you to take the necessary actions automatically, even subconsciously eliminate importance, remain calm and trust the alternatives flow. Here, I’d like to add a few more words about signs. If you interpret a sign which you believe might point towards the possibility of achieving your goal, you should be aware that signs only relate to your current link in the transfer chain and only have a very tenuous connection to the final goal. So when you see a sign, don’t assume that that sign is for the final goal. It may have a tiny connection to the next link in the transfer chain. In other words, indicators only relate to the particular road you’re walking at the current time. You can interpret signs that relate to anything about the current link in the transfer chain. However, if several chains separate your current lifeline from your target line, the signs you perceive will not serve as indicators for the goal itself. This does not mean that the signed symbolic of a distant goal do not exist. It just means that you will not be able to interpret them sufficiently reliably from your current position. So in Trans Surfing, with the exception of a negative response from the inner voice sign, interpretation is considered to be the least reliable technique one can use. So it is not recommended that you attribute them a great deal of meaning. So you see the 1111 you see the black cat, it’s not big deal, eh, it may be giving you a sign, but it’s very difficult to interpret. Don’t give it too much importance. It’s not reliable, it’s nice and it can make you feel good. But don’t be overly reliant on these signs because people can overly rely on the signs and assume that they mean something that they don’t. It remains only to clarify the place. The third type of visualization has in trend surfing and whether it is worth practicing goal based visualization techniques. The answer is unequivocal is essential to practice goal-based visualization in any form that is convenient. The goal should be held in the mind in the form of a slide, which helps widen the limits of the comfort zone and a tune the frequency of your thought energy to the target lifeline. This is the sole function of the third type of visualization. In contrast, the physical shift to a target lifeline is accomplished by the Workhorse of Trans Surfing visualization of the process of moving towards the goal. By visualizing the process, you unite your personal inner intention and outer intention. So to summarize this chapter, illusions are, first of all, illusions are not the result of fantasy, but the perception of a different reality and people present in the material world are capable of perceiving other realities. We can receive and con and perceive other realities. Inner convictions can distort a person’s objective perception of the world. A slide is something you carry around in your mind that others are not. Slides distort the perception of true reality and people have a tendency to hang their projections on others around them. Importance lies at the foundation of all slides. As soon as importance disappears, the slide seats is to exist. Outer intention gradually, but consistently realizes the content of the slide. Stop battling with yourself and switch your attention from the negative to the positive. Create a positive slide that is pleasing both of you, your heart and your mind. Look at your slide more often. Each time. Embellishing it with a little more detail. Never portray an image in your slide that is copied from another person you will never receive anything that does not trigger your will to have. Allow yourself the luxury of deserving. The absolute best the will to have is the immutable knowledge that you deserve, what you want and that it is your choice. Positive slides help you to push open the limits of your comfort zone to include things that previously saline seemed impossible and implausible. Do not treat the slide as if it were just a picture. Live it, at least in the virtual world, allow in any information relating to the world of your dream. It is not contemplation of the result, but visualization of the process that moves you towards your goal rather than contemplating the result. Imagine the process of Birth and Growth in Trans Surfing. Visualization is understood to be the act of focusing on a mental image of the process of a current link in the transfer chain. If it is not clear to you how to achieve your goal, focus on visualizing the slide instead. The slide will take you in the necessary direction and that is the chapter on slides and there’s some really interesting stuff. In this chapter we are talking about visualizing to achieve our goal. We are talking about the law of attraction, but have you ever wondered why? A lot of times this visualization doesn’t work? This gives us a much more accurate model on how, and it makes sense intuitively if you think about it, on how to visualize the things that you want in order to achieve the goals and have the experiences in your future. And to make this simple, we need to focus on the process of achieving the goal. And we want to make these moving pictures. We want to put ourselves into the slide and we can create distortions of reality that are positive for us. And in the process of creating the slides we can widen our comfort zone and by understanding, visualizing the goal and the process and using transfer chains we can transfer into lifelines that are closer and closer to this incredible dream that we have before us. And so truly anything that you want, anything that you want to achieve, accomplish experience or have is yours. There’s a little bit of a process involved and you have to become like an artist painting on a painting. You may not get the colors right but you keep on working on cause you are a reality artist. And by using these slides, you are creating beautiful pieces of art. The universe cannot wait to bring to you in some way, shape, or form and it may not match cause remember the mirror does not want you to know that it knows, but it’s gonna be similar enough in energy and idea to the slides that you have. Once you begin this process, what is the smallest next thing that you have to do for your goal, for your particular goal that you’re trying to achieve right now? What is the smallest next thing? And imagine visualizing achieving that small next thing. Also at the same time, look at your target slide as well. So I’ll try to create a meditation that can do those things so it can take some of the work out of this so that hey, I want to work on my slides. I’ll just pop in this meditation and that’ll be the focus of my next episode. Hopefully you got a chance to check out the lucid dreaming meditation, which is designed around the chapter on intention, understanding lucid dreaming. What believe I’ve gotten a chance to check out some other deep dives we have in other chapters. This stuff is truly fascinating. It is always a joy to share this knowledge with you and I would love to see in your comments what you think and any ideas that come to you from this material. Please contact me if you have any questions@mediaandadvancedsuccessinstitute.com for coaching. Go to advanced success institute.com all episodes of the reality revolution can be found@darrealityrevolution.com keep an eye out for my book that is coming out very soon. That is incredible. Called the reality revolution, the mind blowing movement to hack your reality. Be available on Amazon very soon. Thank you so much. It’s always a joy to delve deep on this kind of information. I get such a rush out of it and it’s so cool to share this with you guys and thank you for joining me and welcome to the reality revolution.

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