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Neville Goddard – Justified States || EP 1269

Justified States   April 3, 1972 Neville Goddard Tonight, we will take both the Law and the Promise. Just a little while on the Promise, that you may not be concerned. For I do know that so many people tell us that we must do this, that, and the other, or else. Well, you forget […]

Lets Talk About The Death Of Neville Goddard || ep 1266

Recently Mitch Horowitz released Neville Goddard’s death certificate. I got a chance to discuss this with him in our interview. When sharing this in the group I found a wide variety of responses. It says a lot about how we view spiritual teachers and gurus. Here I discuss what these new revelations about Neville’s death […]

Shveta Hariharan On The History Of Neville Goddard || EP 1265

In October I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sweta Hariharan at the mad mystic tour in New York City. You may not have heard of her but I was so impressed with her knowledge as a Neville Goddard historian. On that tour we visited historical sites related to Neville Goddard’s past and I learned […]

Neville Goddard Rearrange The Mind || EP 1255

Rearrange the Mind March 24th 1972 Neville Goddard The rich man, the poor man, the beggar man, the thief are not different minds, but simply different arrangements of the same mind. There is only God in this world. So, when you say I am, and I say I am, it’s the same God, but we […]

Neville Goddard – Christmas || EP 1248

Neville Goddard Christmas 12/17?1965 We have now done 4 Christmas episodes from different lectures. This may be one of the best of Neville’s Christmas lectures “This being the last and Christmas follows within a week, I thought it best to give this as the last of the year. So my subject tonight is “Christmas,” as […]

Neville Goddard God And I Are One (His Final Lecture) || EP 1242

Recently I read a lecture title You Must Experience God stating that it was most likely the last lecture Neville Goddard gave. New information from Mitch Horowitz argues that in fact the lecture God And I Are One is the final lecture due to references made in the lecture that can be dated. Really this […]

Neville Goddard I Am Called By Thy Name, O Lord || EP 1235

Tonight’s title is taken from the Book of Jeremiah. It’s the 15th chapter, the 16th verse: “Thy words were found, and I ate them, and thy words became to me the joy and delight of my heart;”—and then he tells the results of eating these words—“for I am called by thy name, O Lord, God […]

Robert Collier -The World’s Greatest Discovery || EP 1115

What, in your opinion, is the most significant discovery of this modern age? The finding of dinosaur eggs on the plains of Mongolia, laid — so scientists assert — some 10,000,000 years ago? The unearthing of the Tomb of Tutankh-Amen, with its matchless specimens of a bygone civilization? The radioactive time clock by which Professor […]

Neville Goddard The Law Of Identical Harvest || EP 1114

I am quite sure you are going to find this an interesting series. Tonight it is “The Law of the Identical Harvest.” In the very beginning, God established the Law of the Identical Harvest. And God said, “Let the earth put forth vegetation: Plants bearing seed and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their […]

Neville Goddard Our Real Beliefs || EP 1107

Our Real Beliefs Neville Goddard 3/6/64 Tonight’s subject is “Our Real Beliefs.” I really want this series to be the most productive that we’ve ever had. By that I mean I want everyone present to really have a goal, a noble goal, and realize it, realize it before we close in May. May I tell […]