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Guided Meditation – Happily Ever After Wish Fulfilled Bliss Harmony || EP 1220

This meditation is designed to create a wonderfully perfect future in which you experience your happily ever after in bliss fulfilled harmony using affirmation and quantum codes. Please check out my previous episodes that discuss what these codes are and how to use them Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic and Energy Activation Through […]

Guided Meditation Quantum Codes For Shifting Realities || EP 1206

Here using quantum codes and grabovoi codes I help you to shift into a parallel reality. Please check out my previous episodes on art magic and grabovoi and quantum codes for a deeper discussion of what these codes are and how they work. I included The Quantum Healing Codes 42 88 112 to heal timeline […]

Guided Meditation – The Dream Body Codes || EP 1193

The intention of this meditation is to create a reality, to tune you into a reality through affirmation, grabovoi and quantum codes into your dream body. Many codes are used in the meditation, see my previous episodes for an explanation of grabovoi and quantum healing codes. I have my dream body now I have lost […]

Using Quantum Codes, Sacred Codes, and Grabovoi Numbers to Shift In The Multiverse || EP 1146

Quantum Healing Codes, Sacred Codes and Grabovoi Numbers are an amazing system of numerical identification of a variety of energies and ideas that help to utilize the vast multiverse that is available to you. Number systems create a system of identification with the universal mind and it can make it easier to attract and create […]

Guided Meditation Quantum Healing Codes And Grabovoi Numbers || EP 1132

In this meditation I used Quantum Healing Codes and Grabovoiv Numbers and sequences within the meditative state to attract and locate unique energies and coordinates for whatever reality you choose. Using number codes allows you to take advantage of the infinite possibilities available to you in the multiverse. Buy My Art – Unique Sigil Magic […]