How To Reverse Financial Adversity || EP 1163

It is a chaotic world and we all face financial adversity. From crashing markets, to inflation, to unemployment. How do we deal with financial adversity?  How do we reverse it?

Take a careful look at the challenges you are facing: a possible layoff, an important career decision, the inability to make ends meet on your current income. If you identify these as your “problems,” there is a tendency to see them as static and burdensome and with a feeling of resentment and self-pity.  

And in the quest for solutions, you will invariably be looking for help or advice from people or for some “miracle of God.” In other words, you are looking for someone, even God, to shoulder the responsibility. But it simply won’t work!  

However, see the challenges as “projects,” and you tune in on a whole different flow of consciousness. You are faced with some opportunities to grow, but you feel secure in the awareness that, in the main, the answers will unfold from within. There is a sense of lightness, of clear horizons, and of confident expectancy. It is the same so-called “trouble,” but your attitude is different. And according to your thoughts, your faith, and your feeling, it will be done unto you.  

It is a mystic teaching that is ages old but amazingly relevant. Whenever you are faced with a knotty financial dilemma, you always have a clear choice of how you will deal with it. If you brood over the letdown, the disappointment in a job, or some complete collapse of a financial involvement, you simply magnify it out of all proportion. It is like taking a pebble off the beach and holding it close to your eyes. It may be a small stone, but held close enough it can completely screen your view. Hold it at a proper viewing distance and it can be examined and properly dealt with. Drop it at your feet and it can become a part of a stone path.

By the “all things work together for good” principle, any experience of life can become the best thing that ever happened to you. Haven’t you said or heard someone say, “I was certainly upset about that challenge, but now as I see it in retrospect, it was the best possible thing that could have happened”?

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